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2021 Cyber Security PPC Marketing Benchmarks. It’s Certainly a New Normal

The pandemic has obliterated demand in industries like travel and hospitality, while creating a surge in others, including cyber security.  The global cyber security market was valued at $167 billion in 2020 and is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.9% from 2021 to 2028. The massive industry growth, together with a deluge of funding from VCs and IPOs, present an...
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The Experts Recommend: 5 Best Video Editing Platforms for B2B Marketers

Video marketing has been steadily rising in popularity for both B2C and B2B tech marketing. Though every solid inbound marketing agency will tell you that video marketing doesn't replace your other marketing channels, it does add another means for you to connect with your audience and is crucial to staying competitive. Video editing is the key to an entertaining and well-produced video. You can...
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Startup B2B Marketing in Action: From seed to exit in 24 months (A Portshift & CISCO story)

"Obviously it's an amazing feeling, having a huge corporation such as Cisco acquiring a small startup from Tel Aviv." says Ran Ilany, CEO of Portshift, “Marketing Envy did fantastic work with exposing us to the relevant audience”. A word about Portshift, (now a Cisco Company) Portshift developed a Kubernetes-native platform that leverages the power of Kubernetes and Service-Mesh to deliver a...
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Why We've Increased Our B2B Tech Marketing Agency Pricing During the Pandemic

(Try to) believe me when I say that agency owners do not take a kick out of raising prices.  This is the outcome of what typically kicks off as a grubby and in depth business analysis involving number crunching of agency costs, time invested on clients (or internal meetings) and revenue.  The harsh realization that your numbers don’t look great anymore leads you to ask many questions and poke...
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Enough rope to hang yourself: B2B Marketing budgets in 2021

Dissecting the very short lives of the B2B marketing budgets in 2020 - 2021 will not take long. Q1 2020 - World in oblivion, marketing budgets approved Q2 2020 - Coronavirus reality shocks the world, marketing budgets cut or stopped altogether Q3 2020 - World (AKA company CEOs) awake from oblivion, recognizes that marketing still needs to fill a sales funnel and that there are no face to face...
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