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Top Tips: B2B Marketing Through a Crisis

It’s that time of the decade where every marketer worries about two things: firstly, the precious marketing budget and secondly, what to do next. It’s also the time when you wish you’d have listened to your marketing lecturer when she suggested that you prepare an emergency draw plan for crisis mode. Although let’s be honest, nothing could have prepared any of us for marketing during COVID-19. So...
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Huge Thumbs Up: Hubspot has Changed the Way Offline Events are Reported

For a long time, HubSpot treated offline events like Bigfoot. True story, yeah, it’s  something a lot of people witnessed but refused to acknowledge its existence*. If you went to an event and came back with a spreadsheet full of potential leads, then uploaded that list onto HubSpot, it simply referred to that property as offline Leads. It wasn’t easy to figure out which type of event they came...
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How to Stop Annoying CISOs

The most common "buyer persona" I have is the CISO. But I don't hang out with CISOs. Most marketers don't. (We hang out with other marketers and complain about sales teams. Obviously 😉.) This makes actually understanding their pain points and marketing effectively a challenge. So to close this knowledge gap, I started listening religiously to the CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Series podcast.
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The Top 25 Cyber Security Trade Shows for 2020

  To help you narrow down your travel list, we gathered our must-attend cyber security trade shows in 2020.  1. SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit  January 20-27, 2020 / Arlington, VA   The two-day SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence summit brings together leading cyber threat intelligence experts and analysts to share their insights, experience, and knowledge.  A combination of networking events,...
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Top 21 Cyber Security Experts You Need to Follow in 2020

Here are our picks for the top 20 cyber security experts you should be following in 2020, plus one bonus industry leader to keep you fascinated into 2021. 1. Jeff Barr  As if he needs an intro, Jeff is a core member of the team that developed AWS, and is now the VP and chief evangelist at AWS. He’s committed to continuing education from both sides of the desk. He blogs at the AWS blog and Medium
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