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What's All The B2B Marketing Fuss About Black Friday Anyway?

Did you know that the jolly fat man, with a white beard, twinkling eyes and a coat so red it’d hurt your eyes is actually the brainchild of a very smart Coca Cola campaign way back in 1931? We were discussing the births of excellent campaigns during the holiday season like this in our office when it got us thinking, where exactly DID Black Friday/Cyber Monday come from? And how has it become...
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5 RevOps Steps to Give You an Advantage Over Your Competitors

You’ve definitely heard the term being thrown around, but what is RevOps really? In one sentence, Revenue Operations or RevOps is the end-to-end view of a company, starting with marketing, through SDR & sales and ending with customer service and customer success. Quite simply, operational integration of all these departments is crucial for your company’s success.  So, what are the 5 most...
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LinkedIn LeadGen Tips for Cyber Security Marketers

LinkedIn is comfortably the world's largest professional social media network, with more than 800 million members from more than 200 countries around the world. That’s a lot of people, and therefore it’s a lot of opportunities to get your message across. However, it’s key that you are targeted in your approach, and not just casting as wide a net as possible in your attempts to generate leads.  ...
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5 Winning B2B Marketing Thank You Pages

A common mistake many B2B marketers fall into is not placing enough emphasis on ‘thank you pages’. Someone (hopefully a prospect) has just downloaded a piece of content from your website, input some personal information. Many companies believe the work is done, but what about acknowledging or thanking the prospect for downloading the information? We (B2B marketers) know better than this - And...
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The Squeeze: Preparing B2B Marketing budgets for 2023

Dissecting the very short lives of the B2B marketing budgets in 2022 will not take long. Q1 2022 - Spend, spend, spend. Hire, hire, hire Q2 2022 - Ukraine war and crazy inflation means reality shocks the world, some marketing budgets tightened Q3-4 2022 - The Marketers' Awakening - World (AKA company CEOs) enter a changed reality, many adjust marketing budgets and expectations for marketing and...
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