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10 Hot AI Blogs You Should Follow, Religiously

May 10, 2017

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a blossoming area of tech. It has been changing our lives for decades, but never has it been more pervasive than now. The impact of AI on our future is still up for a debate. It could either make all our dreams come true, or destroy society and the world as we know it.

With AI on everyone’s minds, companies and individual experts are taking full advantage of blogging. Thematic AI blogs are creating not just an informative conversation but are also building communities and pushing the discipline forward. Great blogs are associated with thought leadership, and the best ones become associated with the movers and shakers in the artificial intelligence industry. Both established companies and AI startups are using blogs to establish themselves as the thought leaders.

Content marketing, of which blogging is a key part, is a major part of startup marketing with a recent report by Smart Insights identifying it as the number 1 digital marketing trend for 2017. A well crafted AI blog post can have a massive impact on your website views, and is the perfect medium for voicing views, servicing news within your industry, and promoting products.

But most importantly, an informative AI blog will steer your company and your employees to a position of domain expertise.

If your company is part of the AI ecosystem, here is the list of 10 of the best AI blogs around. Make sure to check them out for some inspiration!

1. AITrends
Trending News

AITrends is a comprehensive blog in a magazine type format, that gives you the latest trends in the world of Artificial Intelligence, including, AI research, AI webinars, and product news. The technology section of the blog covers many areas of Artificial Intelligence from cognitive computing to security and robotics. One of the strengths of this blog is the video section, which offers lots of in-depth interviews with well-known AI thought leaders.

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2. OpenAI
Cutting edge research

OpenAI is a non-profit research group who are on a mission to build Artificial general intelligence or AGI. This AI blog is a collection of cutting-edge research and stories around AGI development and use. The blog is educational and has useful information on things such as AI safety using adversarial examples.

3. TopBots
AI Bot news and views

TopBots is geared towards the use of artificial intelligence in bots but also offers insight and news on artificial intelligence in general. This magazine style blog has a business slant but offers news and views on AI and Bot technology too. TopBots AI blog has two very useful sections, ‘AI’ and ‘Bots’ which offer a round-up of the best offerings in each sector.

4. Google Research Blog
Google AI research and applications

Google’s Research Blog has some useful and informative articles on AI. It is Google-centric, but the underlying technology and discussion are about AI and machine learning. With Google dominating AI space, it is definitely one to add to your reading list.

5. Denny Britz
Practical examples from the world of Deep Learning and AI

Staying with the Google theme, Denny Britz is an AI expert working for Google Brain, the deep learning project at Google. Denny’s blog is focused on deep learning aspects of AI. His blog is ideal for delving into the practical uses of AI, and he offers a Github with code samples and exercises. Denny’s AI blog offers a ‘This Week in AI’ newsletter which you can sign up for to keep you abreast of AI news.

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6. Law and API
Legal aspects of AI

This AI blog run by attorney Matt Scherer is dedicated to the emerging laws and policies around artificial intelligence. This is an important area of AI which is still emerging as a discipline. The blog is just over a year old but is a rich seam of information on the legal aspects of AI.

7. Artificial Intelligence Blog
Great for resources and research

As well as an up to date news section covering all things AI, Artificial Intelligence Blog has a number of resources useful for anyone researching AI. It has a good resource on notable people in artificial intelligence, as well as a round-up of conferences that are in the AI space. It also has a collection of educational videos.

8. Machine Learning  Mastery
Educational blog on AI techniques

The Machine Learning Mastery blog is run by Dr. Jason Brownlee who is an expert in ML and AI techniques. His blog has a strong element of education. The blog offers many tutorials and advisories on AI techniques and methodologies. It is certainly one for the reading list of anyone working at the coal face of AI.

9. Informed AI
Community hub for all things AI

The Informed Media AI Blog is a blog for the AI community at large. The blog is an offshoot of the AI Times Newspaper and media group who promote AI through education and information. The group's aims are to bring together, through community interaction, a central place for AI and machine learning. The blog is a true community hub and uses AI experts as volunteers. The blog is a great resource for general AI news and event listings. Dr. Andy Pardoe, who has been identified as a top AI influencer, is a regular poster on the Informed AI blog.

10. Robot, AI & Me
AI, the comic strip

The last, but not least, of our recommended blogs, is Robot, AI & Me. This is a new AI blog that is fun, but educational. The blog is dedicated to presenting AI topics in comic form. It uses comic strips to have a conversation about AI ethics and futures. It has just started up, but it is worth watching as it builds an audience and engages the community.

If you're familiar with other great AI blogs, please share in comments!

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