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Generate Better Leads With These 5 B2B Marketing Tactics

May 29, 2019

We’re almost at the end of the second quarter of 2019 and if you’re not reaching your quarterly goals, maybe it’s time to start re-examining some of your marketing tactics for the rest of 2019. Some tactics are longer plays than others, but these are my 5 top strategies to be focusing on in 2019.

Video - Yes, you can afford it.

This has been a stable of marketing recommendations for the last couple of years, but we’re increasingly seeing that it’s extremely difficult to build any sort of audience on social media without incorporating a visual element. And no, building a nice infographic isn’t going to cut it. The reason many B2B marketers aren’t using video isn’t really about facts- the higher engagement rates and awareness created by videos is well established. It’s time and budget that’s the real issue. Fortunately, there are a number of easy to use tools like Powtoon or Lumen5 that are more than capable of solving this problem.

Whether it’s a 15-minute webinar recording on Youtube, or a 60-second video explaining how to solve a problem in your industry, videos will continue to drive engagement across all social media platforms.


You might ask yourself: Can my niche B2B marketing podcast really reach a large audience? The truth is, it almost doesn’t matter. If you can build a weekly or bi-weekly podcast devoted to solving your target customer’s key problems, even a small audience is worth the time and effort. As Gary Vaynerchuk boasts, “even if you have 1500 people listening to your niche podcast, that could be enough to do millions of dollars a year in revenue!”

He’s right- it’s time to stop asking how many people are going to listen to your podcast, and start focusing on who is listening to your podcast. And who knows? After a few months, you might even find a sponsor who will pay you to produce it!

Refresh your eBooks and Whitepapers

eBooks and Whitepapers have been a staple of digital B2B marketing plans for years. Most B2B companies have one or two whitepapers that perform ok but maybe aren’t as relevant as they first were two years ago when you published them. The purpose of these long-form pieces of content isn’t to trick people into handing over their emails so your sales team can send them weekly emails. It’s to provide real value to the reader, and through that value demonstrating your industry expertise.

You don’t have to re-write high performing content. But you do have to make sure the whitepaper is as relevant today as it was when you published it. Will content written in 2016 or 2017 still be as relevant to your target persona today as it was when it was published? Probably not. Take an hour or two to update your assets and landing pages, it’ll show you’re still on top of industry trends and changes.

BrightTalk and the new face of webinars

Let’s talk about another tried and true lead gen technique- webinars. Webinar attendees are some of the most valuable leads you can generate as a marketer. They’re almost all high intent leads, and while they can always leave the webinar, they’re much more of a captive audience than someone reading your eBook. Even better- you get their details even if they can’t make the live webinar- and you can send them a recording and engage with them at their convenience.

Unfortunately, some people are still hosting their webinars on platforms that really weren’t purpose built for webinars. Our strong recommendation is to use BrightTalk which is not only an excellent webinar platform, but also makes it super easy to find recorded webinars in your industry, almost serving as another social media platform.

LinkedIn PPC

If you’re spreading your PPC budget across every social media platform, it might be time to stop. Yes, ads on Facebook and Twitter might be cheaper than on LinkedIn (OK, they’re definitely cheaper) but you’re going to get a lot of irrelevant leads as well. LinkedIn’s value is in the quality of B2B leads. Targeting based on job titles and skills is the fastest way to put your hard earned content in front of real decision makers in your industry. Cheaper leads are often cheap leads. Don’t be fooled by discussions around CPL- your sales team doesn’t care. What they want are contacts with real influence. I.e MQLs.  And pound for pound, LinkedIn is your best bet.

Some of these steps are just an hour or two of work. Others are an ongoing commitment to change the way you produce and distribute content. But all of them will ultimately make your brand more visible to your target market and position your enterprise for growth in 2020 and beyond.  

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