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Best Video Editing Platforms

The Experts Recommend 5 Best Video Editing Platforms for B2B Marketers

August 1, 2021

Video marketing has been steadily rising in popularity for both B2C and B2B tech marketing. Though every solid inbound marketing agency will tell you that video marketing doesn't replace your other marketing channels, it does add another means for you to connect with your audience and is crucial to staying competitive.

Video editing is the key to an entertaining and well-produced video. You can have a boring video jazzed up by cool editing. You can also have great video content killed by lousy editing. So the tools you use for editing are key. Before you publish your video, THEY help with cutting, splicing, refining, and generally polishing it up. 

There are times when your company will need video editing tools - generally for quick movie making and videos that can have more of a "homemade" look - and other times,  only a professional filming and editing crew will do, for professionally edited videos with cutting-edge effects. 

You'll probably want a trustworthy video marketing agency or film crew for ads, but DIY with video editing and a video marketing platform for social media video posts and for that you'll need great video editing and marketing tools to help you along. 

We've made the journey a little easier for you by having a group of world-renowned B2B video producers test out a bunch of the leading video editing tools, which can drive results for B2B tech marketing.  


1) Mixcaptions

Mixcaptions is an awesome option for adding captions and subtitles to your videos. 


The app is free, but you'll have to pay for captions. Pricing is as follows:


Transcribe videos for Pros (non-business subscribers)


Subtitles for pros


60 minutes of transcription/caption credits


Business Monthly Subscription



Mixcaptions comes with a range of features, including the option to add your own watermark, customize the placing of your captions, and select the fonts, text color, and text background. It's compatible with most common video formats and supports 23 languages. 

Why it’s good

  • The captions are pretty smooth, with just some minor tweaks and corrections needed
  • Customer support is very responsive 
  • The speech recognition is efficient, catching pretty much all the audio content but cutting out any "ums" and "ers"
  • Captions appear on the screen at a good pace

What’s not so good

  • Your videos need to be in 10-minute increments
  • You need to buy credits before you can caption a video, and if your video is too long you'll need to buy more
  • The range of fonts is limited

Expert opinion

“In terms of tools I use on my mobile, I love MixCaptions for creating accurate captions for videos automatically,” Dan Knowlton, Co-founder, Knowlton Marketing.


2) Splice 

Splice is a free mobile video editing tool that makes it easy to do fast video editing on the go. 


Splice is a rare video editing tool that's entirely free to use.


Splice is all about splicing together different video clips into a single video for you to share to social media. You can merge photo and video clips; add music from the royalty-free library; adjust the sizing and speed of your video; and change the font, color, and size of your video and use fade in and fade out effects. 

Why it’s good

  • Quick mobile video editing
  • Top sound effects
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent effects for photos
  • Automatic sizing for the relevant platforms
  • Fast import and export
  • Option to separate audio and video

What’s not so good

  • The music and text cropping functions are fiddly to use
  • Customer support is slow to respond
  • There seem to be fewer features on Android than on iOs

Expert opinion

"Splice is a great tool for quick mobile video editing. I particularly love it for editing Tiktoks, Reels and Stories because it has additional simple editing features that both Tiktok and IG lack. For example: chiseling down a long video into bite size pieces and being able to polish them to your needs." Raquella Raiz, Co-founder and CEO, Qreative Edge.

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3) Cutstory

Cutstory is designed to prepare videos for Instagram stories (hence the name!). It can manage videos from any platform, including old ones converted to digital, and snip them into 15-second sections for Instagram. 


The app is free, but you'll have to pay to remove the watermark and to edit music to accompany your video. Prices are:


Remove watermark: 


Music editor 


Pro subscription - Month


Pro subscription - Year



As well as cutting down long videos, Cutstory lets you choose the layout, stencil, or mask for your video, add stickers, text, or music, and exports the video to your Instagram stories page. It has dozens of templates and can support all video formats. 

Why it’s good

  • Easily add your branded logo
  • Simple to use to cut videos to the right length for Instagram
  • Excellent customer support 

What’s not so good

  • Cutstory doesn't integrate directly with Apple Music
  • If your video resolution is not great, you're going to struggle

Expert opinion

 “I like Cutstory for cutting video for different platforms,” Dan Knowlton, Co-founder, Knowlton Marketing.


4) Veed

Veed.io is an advanced, professional video editing tool with a range of features and functionalities. 


As well as a free trial and a free starter plan, Veed.io has 2 paid plans: Basic and Pro

Free plan


Videos up to 10 min in length

2GB storage

720p export quality


Basic plan

No watermark 

Videos up to 25 min in length

20Gb storage

1080p export quality

$12/month or $144/year

Pro plan

No watermark 

Videos up to 2 hours in length

100GB storage

4k export quality

$24/month or $288/year


Veed.io offers an extensive range of features and functionalities. You can use it to add, convert, or translate, subtitles; add text or audio; merge, split, and compress videos; edit the lighting on videos, remove background images or background noise; resize, rotate, or crop videos; convert videos from one format to another; and more.

Why it’s good

  • It's fast to add subtitle and transcribe videos
  • Some of the features are pretty nifty, like the progress bar
  • It's good value for money
  • Customer support is top-notch

What’s not so good

  • The range of fonts is limited
  • You can't add transitions between clips
  • It can be slow to export large files

Expert opinion

“It’s a really easy-to-use platform, which enables videos to be made quickly for upload to social channels.” Gemma Goldstein, Inbound Marketing Manager, Marketing Envy.

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5) Adobe Premiere Rush

 https://www.adobe.com/products/premiere-rush.html?promoid=12B9DXYJ&mv=other for basic mobile editing of videos


There’s a free basic plan. For $9.99/month you can shoot, share and edit unlimited videos on mobile & export 3 videos on desktop.


Adobe Premiere Rush replaced Adobe Premiere Clip in 2019. It offers increased functionality and performance and just like other Adobe products it has a world class rep.

Why it’s good

  • Free and multi-platform
  • Syncs with your Creative Cloud account
  • Easy to use

What’s not so good

  • No traditional video editing interface, which might confuse some.
  • Caters for just your most basic needs
  • The Automatic editing option is subpar
  • No layout templates or rotation option, and limited transition and music choices; 

Expert opinion

‏”We use professional software to edit our videos however sometimes we need to shoot and edit videos on our mobile phone. in these cases we use Adobe Clip (Rush), a mobile app which I find great for this task” Arik Diamant, CEO, Secret Sauce.


6) Inshot

Inshot is a basic, free, all-in-one video and photo editing tool for preparing videos from your mobile.


It's free to download and use Inshot, but you'll have to pay to remove the watermark, and some of the best transitions, filters, and stickers are only available for paying users. In-app purchases cost between $0.79 and $25.49 per item.


Inshot enables you to carry out the full gamut of trimming, splitting, and merging video and photo content, as well as flipping, reversing, and speeding up or slowing down video. There are plenty of stickers, filters, transitions, text and emoji options, plus you can add music from your own collection, the in-app library, or create your own voiceovers. Finally, you can convert video to MP4, change the aspect ratio, and export in HD.

Why it’s good

  • The app is easy to use
  • End to end editing features
  • Rendering is smooth and clean

What’s not so good

  • There are still bugs that need fixing
  • Limited special effects
  • Loading time can be slow

Expert opinion

“I love InShot for doing basic editing on my mobile. It's great because it’s so simple to use. I can transform something from ‘OK’ to great in minutes” Lloyd Knowlton, Co-founder, Knowlton Marketing.

Video marketing can be your B2B marketing secret sauce

As a leading inbound marketing agency, Marketing Envy has plenty of experience with video marketing as part of B2B tech marketing. We've made all kinds of videos and tried out most of the tools and platforms you could think of, from professional, highly-edited video to quick videos that share short soundbites of wisdom and advice, so we know how to use video as part of your campaign. 


If you're looking for advice or help with your video marketing strategy, we're here to help. 


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