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5 Hottest and Timeless Marketing FAQs

July 7, 2016

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There is no doubt that marketing is not what it was five years ago. Marketers are tasked with managing more platforms, content and technologies than ever before in a landscape that is constantly changing. Not only are they expected to keep up with all of these changes, they’re expected to excel at these new marketing opportunities.

We get asked so many questions about our ever-changing profession and the headaches (and joys) it brings. It was a tough choice to reach the top 5 and hope the answers can be useful.

Does content and social media activity really bring an ROI?

If this question has kept you up at night, you’re not alone. According to Content Marketing Institute, 52% of B2B marketers say measuring the ROI of content marketing programs is a top challenge.

The fact is content marketing and social media can absolutely produce a positive ROI for a business – if you approach them with consistency and patience.

A steady drumbeat of highly relevant, well-written content and engaging social media activity increases brand awareness and generates organic leads. But if you skip a few beats and take a break from regularly scheduled blog posts, whitepapers and social media activities, you’ll quickly lose the audience you worked to build.

Why is it difficult to find and measure the marketing activity I should focus on most?

This is one of the most confusing aspects of a marketer’s job. The truth is there is no quick fix, magic bullet or single marketing activity that will launch a business into immediate success.

Marketing is about selecting a cocktail of activities that is right for a business, its ecosystem and budget. In 2016, 38% more digital marketing professionals will be hired because currently-employed marketers already have too many tasks on their plates. Indeed, the biggest pitfall you can find yourself in is having many different marketing activities and not knowing which of them are effective and which aren’t.

There are marketing automation tools such as HubSpot or Marketo (and many more) that map and track visitors and leads back to the precise marketing activities or campaign. There are also much cheaper or free tools that do that for you such as the loathed Google Analytics, MailChimp and OKtopost. But no matter how much any tool will calculate for you, there will be a grey area or unknown element which is down to the campaign factor. All elements working together in order to generate results.

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What is a Marketing Qualified Lead?

A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is a lead which is more likely to become a customer than the other leads generated based on their activity, lead intelligence and scoring. While experienced sales and marketing professionals will be able to recognize an MQL based on prior MQLs and customers, the only way to increase the number of MQLs drastically is through scoring. By creating a system for identifying qualified leads you are able to deliver to sales only the most valuable, saving them time and increasing your value.

What should I start with first, PPC or content and social media?

This question really depends on your goals. In the short term, PPC can offer a quick but expensive ROI. In the long term, content and social can produce a better ROI, but require a larger investment and take time to develop into a profitable venture. For content and social to be effective, you need to be able to commit to a consistent number of excellent quality and relevant posts monthly, and daily engagement on social channels.

In the end, the combination of both strategies is your best bet. Excellent content will make your PPC campaigns more effective and PPC can help drive the right audience to your online content.

When should I hire a PR agency?

In short, when you have something PR-worthy. When you can define a 3-4-month period that requires a PR boost such as a product launch or investment round release, you may benefit from agency help.

Look to hire a PR agency long-term when you have enough newsworthy content – launches, numbers/data, customer case studies, awards, and investment news – to feed the PR beast every month.

A PR company can help you position your story and get it to the right journalists, bloggers, and analysts, but it is still your responsibility to create something newsworthy. All too often companies will hire an agency without generating enough news, get disappointed, and sack them.

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