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5 Tips for Content Offers to Boost your Cybersecurity Lead Generation

April 18, 2016

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Generating leads is the most important activity in any marketing department, and cybersecurity lead generation is no different. Marketers in cybersecurity companies have to produce enough high quality leads to ensure that their sales team can meet its goals. And to do so, they need to fill their sales funnel with enticing offers.

An offer is a piece of content that is perceived to be of value; valuable enough for itsconsumer to be willing to exchange information about themselves for it. Examples of such offers include coupons, product demonstrations, whitepapers, eBooks, etc. Whitepapers? Those super techy, wordy and abstruse documents filled with jargon? Well sometimes, but they don’t have to be.   Unless you have decided to target a specific niche, good content should appeal to a broad range of security professionals, and therefore be accessible and engaging while also sufficiently technical. Read on for  five tips to create super-engaging lead generation tips..

Tip 1: The Element of Scarcity

It’s the age-old principle of supply and demand: produce something that is in high demand,  and short supply, and people will want it. This means creating stellar and insightful content that covers topics that no one else has given sufficient coverage to. When we thought about what can we add to the ecosystem of cyber security, we’ve noticed that there’s almost no marketing content about how to market cybersecurity companies so we’ve created a lead generation guide for cybersecurity companies.

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Tip 2: The bandwagon effect

On a subconscious level, we all act as if we’re part of a large tribe, and when everybody else starts doing something, we usually follow suite. Why? Because the need for social inclusion is strong, and we simply don’t want to be left out. We’ve seen it in the rapid and widespread adoption of certain social media networks and even in the way we direct our attention to the same causes and media stories. It’s very possible to achieve a similar effect, though on a smaller scale, in the distribution and consumption of your online content. Just mention the number of people who have downloaded or signed up for it, and it will immediately increase its perceived value to the potential reader.

Tip 3: Newsjacking

Buzz-worthy topics create great demand for any related content. But, unless you want to incite the scorn of your would-be customers, you need to do it right. Rule #1 Don’t capitalize on tragedy. Enough said. Rule #2 Make sure that you have your facts straight. There is no faster way to lose credibility than by misreporting an event. Rule #3 Be tactful and creative. Consumers will be quick to spot that you have cheated them into giving you their attention. You need to entertain or enlighten them so that they don’t feel that their attention has been squandered. Check out a recent blog on our website on newsjacking and how you can leverage it start newsworthy conversations with your intended audience.

Tip 4: An Amazing Title

If your title doesn’t entice, it doesn’t matter how good the contents of your offering are. So what kind of title would entice a technically-minded security specialist? Well, if you know your persona, it means you understand his/her pain-points and objectives fairly intimately. So ask thought-provoking questions such as, “Think your data is safe in the cloud? These tips may get you to think again.” or “Five ways your cybersecurity strategy may be neglected” You see, titles are your chance to provoke your readers while simultaneously educating them on a viewpoint they may never have considered.

IT professionals like to keep their ear to the ground when it comes to their industry and will gladly return to a source of information that offers new insights. Keep this in mind, and your website won’t only become a trusted source of information, but also a source for new leads interested to know more about your products and offerings.


Tip 5: Offers for the different buying stages

Not everyone in your sales funnel is ready to buy or speak to a salesperson. For this reason, you need to develop offers for the different stages of the buying cycle. Some offers should facilitate exploration while others should offer solutions. A/B test the kind of information someone would want after reading a top of funnel asset, and put that in the offer one level lower in your funnel. The information in one should leave a reader wanting the information in the next.

These are only 5 tips out of 25 available for free download.  If you would like to learn more about how to optimize your cybersecurity lead generation, download our ebook on the topic. As experts in startup lead generation, we’ve focussed on the different components involved in lead generation and how they work together.

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