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5 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your B2B Startup

October 18, 2016

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Whether you’re the CMO of an enterprise platform or of a budding startup, generating leads is rarely easy.  With 450 million users, LinkedIn has taken the slot as the social platform notorious for connecting professionals across multiple industries, no surprise there. However, it has also become crowded and competitive and it’s important for a startup (especially) to learn how to stand out. 68.9% of salespeople use LinkedIn for lead development, and In order to cut through the horde of businesses, you need to do more to better leverage LinkedIn as a powerful B2B marketing tool. We’ve done the legwork for you. 

Here are 5 ways to use LinkedIn to grow your business, meet your marketing goals, and get results.

1. Optimize Your Company Page

It’s not enough just to have a Company Page; you need to optimize it and transform it into a “Lead Generation” page. This means structuring your company profile so your call-to-action is obvious and readers are led to make a conversion. You want every person that visits your LinkedIn page to click on a link to your website. These are three ways to make this happen.

Choose a header image that gets attention and generates interest. Take a look at Qstream’s page. The header shows their tagline, “Sales reps love it, managers depend on it,” which targets their audience and shows viewers what their company does all in one sentence. 


Create a clear and compelling company pitch. You only have two lines to grab your audience’s attention, so make sure your company description takes advantage of the limited space. Speak directly to your audience, tell them who you are, and then demonstrate your expertise. Let’s take a closer look at Qstream’s page: 


Make your Recent Updates section clickable. Your Recent Updates are the most engaging section on your LinkedIn page. It’s where you provide new and interesting content, regularly (at least once a day). Use it to add links back to your website. Let’s continue with our analysis of Qstream’s page. 

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2. Create Your Own Business Group

A LinkedIn Business Group is the best way to connect with other business professionals in your field. They typically provide resources and connections to all members. By creating your own Business Group, you become the owner and moderator of the discussion. It lets you lead the topics, demonstrate your knowledge, and gain recognition in your industry as a thought leader. Such as how Cloud Computing News hosts a group on LinkedIn for Cloud Computing, SaaS & Virtualization.


When launching a Business Group, there are a few things to consider:

Topic: Choose a topic that is relevant to your industry and that would be valuable for your clients.

Do Your Research: Is there another group like the one you’d like to create already on LinkedIn? If so, it may not make sense to create the group. Before moving forward, create a plan that would set your LinkedIn group apart from the rest, while also providing value to your target audience.

Membership: Decide if you’ll open membership to anyone or if you’ll keep it private.

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3.  Publish Content

Just like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, LinkedIn works best when you regularly publish fresh content. In particular, LinkedIn provides your business with the opportunity to share content that helps you gain industry recognition as an expert in your field. Post thought provoking content that gives a different insight than everyone else out there in order to stand out from the crowd.

Why is publishing content on LinkedIn a great idea?

Leverage: LinkedIn connects you most closely with your business network so you can leverage the connections that really matter. These connections can be a great platform for introducing you to other professionals within your industry that could help grow your business, or these connection could also become potential customers.

Resource Focused: Content on LinkedIn is most often focused on providing valuable resources, news, and updates that matter most to active and potential clients. This is great for lead generation - definitely take advantage of this by sharing your landing pages for premium content. You never know what leads you could gather! 

4. Create Your Hit List of Potential Customers

You want the right followers and Business Group members on LinkedIn, but you can’t wait for them to come to you. So ask your marketing team to compile a list of at least 500 profiles that match your client persona. These businesses and individuals should be an example of your consummate customer. Then, once you have your list, go out and follow them and start interacting.

You can interact by:

  • Liking, Commenting, and Sharing their Recent Updates
  • Inviting them to join your Business Group
  • Endorsing them for skills

Allocate a  Budget on LinkedIn Ads

Gaining followers and engagement  takes time and money, and LinkedIn is no exception. If you really want a LinkedIn presence that puts you on par with the big players, then you need to spend on LinkedIn Ads. Ads allow you to directly target job titles, professional groups, skills, and more to ensure that your content and company are reaching the people and businesses that actually matter.

At Marketing Envy, we’ve experienced great results by targeting job titles and Business Groups together. It allows us to promote our business (and our customers’) to a targeted audience that actually produces conversions. Better still, the new LinkedIn Ads conversion tracking lets you measure your success more accurately.

For more on marketing on LinkedIn and other channels, book a free consultation today.

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