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An IT Marketing Guide to SaaS and Cloud Tech Lead Generation

November 2, 2016

Reading time: 5 mins.

If you want new leads (and obviously you do), your offers have to shine. In the SaaS world, there will likely be more than $270 billion in product and service sales between 2015- 2020, and that means relentlessly fierce competition. Cutting through the noise means making offers that are simply too good to pass up.

We’ve put together a guide with the best tips to create irresistible offers for SaaS and Cloud technology, that’ll give your lead generation a powerful jolt of energy. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

1. Use the Element of Scarcity. With limited supply and high demand comes higher perceived value. By making a good offer scarce, more prospects will feel compelled to act rather than risk missing out. Make some offers that are limited in quantity, time or both. For example, you might give an extra free month to prospects who sign up by the end of the month.

2. The Bandwagon Effect. We humans naturally want to be in the “popular crowd.” Leverage this psychological phenomenon by featuring things like the number of Facebook or LinkedIn shares on your blog posts. For a great example, see how MyHeritage shares, the number of profiles, users and family trees that have been built already.

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3. Leverage Newsjacking. “Newsjacking” is hijacking the news for high lead-engagement impact. Create content around big industry news, or even pop culture if your target audience is so inclined, to garner attention. For example, if there’s a popular film coming to theaters soon (that is trending on social media), then you would create a social post for your offer that incorporates the hashtag that is trending.

4. Create an Amazing Title. A simple change in content titles can mean the difference between chirping crickets and an explosion of new leads. A/B test specific, useful and relevant headlines. For example, you’ll likely find that “7 Ways Primary Care Clinics Are Protecting Consumer Information” outperforms “Top Healthcare Security Concerns.” For more insights on how to write great blog titles, check out this article over at Hubspot.

5. Create Offers for Different Buying Stages. According to a Forbes article, there are 5 steps to customer acquisition. This means that while some are ready to buy right now, other leads need to be nurtured more before converting. Make sure you create different offers for each sales funnel stage, from blog posts early on, to a value-packed Thank You page in the middle, to a persuasive landing page in the late stage.

6. Avoid Corporate Gobbledygook. Turkeys gobble. But your customers are human, so your content should be in plain people-speak! In your content, leave out smart-sounding but empty words like “scalable,” “robust” and “mission critical.” Instead, focus on standout benefits and easy-to-grasp language, such as “Enough About Us, What About You” or “Squeeze the Most out of 2016: How to Make Your B2B Content Smarter.”

7. Use High-Value Offer Formats. For your brand, an actionable blog post with a strong CTA might convert better than a case study. To find out, test and test some more! Try different high-value formats, such as demos, live webinars or “kits” that consist of multiple products. It’s also important to consider the time that you share the CTA (evening vs. morning, for example), which circles back to A/B testing, and the ROI of each type of CTA, perhaps a webinar will provide a higher return on investment than a demo, but only testing can truly tell.

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8. Educate Before You Sell. Take on the role of teacher, and your leads will be eager students. Educating your target audience before you sell them your goods or service, will provide a trust between brand and consumer. It’s important, especially in early-stage content to build trust and authority through thought-provoking, useful material. A video on why sensitive data assets need encryption for example. You might even repurpose in-depth content as lighter, more “snackable” pieces in order to reach a different type of audience.

9. Engage with Substantial Follow-Up. Start and maintain good relationships with your leads. Providing a great customer experience will, according to Walker, become the key differentiator among B2B brands by 2020, ranking above price and product. Stay in touch with leads via email and social channels, providing useful news, tips and timely product alerts.

Strong lead generation naturally results from compelling, unique offers presented in the right ways. Act on and combine the above tips, and you’ll captivate your prospects.

Want more? We’ve created a free IT marketing guide that goes into deeper detail and provides many more cutting-edge ideas for catapulting your tech lead generation to new heights. Download the guide here.

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