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Quiz: Are You a B2B Marketing Ninja?

June 23, 2016
Take our quiz to find out if your a B2B marketing ninja or if you could do with a bit of work.
Do you know how to convert cold leads into MQLs into customers?
Do you know what makes CISOs tick and want to hear what you have to say?
Can you A/B test with the best of them?
When you've taken the quiz please let us know how you did. Tweet us, email us, Facebook or LinkedIn message or tag us. Let us know we want to congratulate you or commiserate with you.
Also don't be afraid to take it a few times till you ace it, we won't tell promise...
Finally, please share it with your friends so they too can discover whether they know their B2B marketing or need to take a class or two. We're happy to help you and them brush up on skills so be in touch.
We're here for you, rain or shine, pandemic or no pandemic. Get in touch today. We won't bite promise.
The Marketing Envy team
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Deborah Brown

Deborah was born and raised in Manchester, England and is now based in Jaffa. A marcom die hard and lover of marketing strategy. Deborah dabbles in design and enjoys cycling around Tel Aviv.

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