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Cyberweek 2017

Best Events to Attend at CyberWeek 2017

June 21, 2017

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Israel has long been a force within the cybersecurity community. But recent years have seen the security sector within Israel boom. Israel is now the second largest cybersecurity market in the world, second only to the USA. This security explosion has seen over 300 cybersecurity startups in 2016, and The Ministry of Defense’s International Defense Cooperation Directorate (SIBAT) announced last November that 2017 will be Israel's “year of cybersecurity exports”.

Riding on this wave, is the cybersecurity event of the year ‘CyberWeek 2017’ held at Tel Aviv University from the 25th to 29th June. CyberWeek is the go to event for any IT security professional. It brings world-class cybersecurity professionals, investors, and CISO’s, together under one arena to present, talk, and demonstrate the best-of-the-best in cybersecurity innovation and development.

One of the key differentiators of CyberWeek from other similar events, is that this is an event assembled by the security community, for the security community. It acts as a hub for security professionals, creating a fusion of ideas and a concurrent buzz of activity.

So what does CyberWeek 2017 offer a cybersecurity startup?

Well, the conference offers a vast range of events, perfectly suited to the cybersecurity startup’s needs. There are over 40 different events, from the FraudCon interactive event to Tech Track, which focuses on emerging hacking methods, to a research seminar with the legendary Bruce Schneier. The Cyber Storm Startup Challenge, now in its 2nd year, is also being presented at the conference, where four startups will pitch ideas to win a trip to BlackHat USA.

Sessions and talks offer some interesting insights and cover every possible cybersecurity area. Look out for some of the highlights of CyberWeek 2017, which include:

Rethink Cyber

Rethink Cyber event is an initiative looking at the entire cybersecurity space with focus on evolving technology solutions. 8 talks, 8 minutes each, a global thought leadership initiative created by Team8, Israel’s leading cybersecurity think tank and VC.

Join us for a proper grill at our Cyber Week meetup. Save your spot, June 29th!

CISO Summit

A must attend session. This is a great opportunity to sit alongside like-minded cybersecurity professionals to explore the challenges of the modern CISO. The CISO Summit brings together leading executives from across the globe to talk about the latest technologies and issues coming their way. For the startup, this is the perfect place to learn about your target audience and discuss ideas and innovations in your field of expertise. It is a place to mix with your peers and potentially make contacts for future projects.


Join the FraudWorkshop on June 29th to learn from leading CISOs, law enforcement agents, cybercrime and fraud experts on how global banks and payment companies are dealing with daily cyberattacks.

Top cybercrime and fraud experts, such as Gilit Saporta, Head of Analytic Training at Forter, Limor Kessem from IBM security, Uri River at Biocatch and Alon Kanter from CheckPoint will be presenting at the Fraud Workshop and FraudCon.

Tech Track

Join Erez Yalon, Head of the Security Research group at Checkmarx, Ayal Tirosh at Gartner and other experts for live hacking demos, professional lectures from leading researchers and a bit of magic on stage.

Leap Forward

Gain a fresh look at the intersection between AI and cybersecurity. Join Chris Roberts from Sentiel Global, Marc Carrel-Billiard from Accenture Labs, Guy Caspi, CEO of Deep Instinct and Tim Mathner from PatternEx for a panel discussion on AI in the cybersecurity industry.

This year Marketing Envy is a CyberWeek 2017 conference partner. We are hosting a meetup under the title “Grill the Experts”. The event is a goldmine of information for cybersecurity startups, as we bring together the cream of cybersecurity talent. Part of the lineup also includes Gartner analyst, who you can pose those tricky questions to such as “how to get your pitch just right” and “how to engage with the analyst community”.

CyberWeek 2017 must be one of the most prestigious and eventful cybersecurity conferences on the planet. But more than that, it gives you the chance to learn from the best in the business. Startups attending the show will get access to not only their target audience, analysts, and the investment community, but also cutting edge technological changes within the industry.

Sign up for our “Grill the Experts” event to start your journey of discovery at CyberWeek 2017.

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