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Content Israel 2017 - Recap and Highlights

November 5, 2017

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Last week, industry experts from all around the world came together for a one-day conference in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The conference presented 10 speakers, of whom each shared their unique prescriptive on content marketing along side case studies and campaign results.

Here are some key takeaways:

Avi abelow, the CEO of Israelvideonetwork talked about working with passion, using the hashtag #followyourpassion. The main takeaway was to always stay relevant regardless of platform changes. As an example, if Facebook is lowering organic engagement it's important to make sure your brand isn't hurt -  a basic “don’t put all eggs in one basket approach”.
He also mentioned the importance of creating a good email list of subscribers, being an expert at what you do, taking the time to build up ones brand audience and setting a realistic goal one can achieve through content creation.

Anni Bembegi, Content- Global Client Manager at Peach content talked about 'one minute video content', addressed the attention span issue we are witnessing in today's generation and presented ways to overcome this challenge.

The key takeaways were:
1. The familiarity effect - People prefer content that they're familiar with
2. The network effect - People prefer content that others in their network like and share
3. More is more - Creating more good content is a plus

Yaniv Katan, Creative Product Marketing Expert at Cisco talked about the art and science behind creating unique content or 'practical ways to make your content impactful'.

A great tip was giving numbers meaning. For example, showing clients your CTR compared to competitors and explaining things in a more visual way when talking about success.

"If everyone is a cow, you should be the purple cow."  Yaniv Katan


Moe Mernick, Head of BD at Home talk talked about 'influencer marketing' and showed excellent data from influencers sharing the content they create as well as how they became the world's largest DIY company. A great tip he shared was using many different platforms, not just Facebook for video content.

Ofir Nachmani, the Founder of  IOD cloud technologies talked about how easy it is to find experts and good writers, however hard to find experts that are also good writers and are willing to write. His advice was “If you would like to recruit an expert to help you, tell them you will teach them how to blog”. His also recomended to write less content but better quality and to always use Google docs to share files.

Carlos AblerContent Marketing and Strategy Leader was the keynote speaker.
He showed how to drive value with analysis for strategy and ROI as well as optimize lead generation and costumer lifetime. He also spoke about the ways in which social entrepreneurship and innovation make a content marketer successful.


“The potential for content marketing to transform business goes beyond thinking and acting like a media company. It’s about realizing that our assumption about what marketing can achieve may be wrong.” from 'Killing Marketing' by Joe Pilizy.

Jason miller, SF-LON-Global Content & Social Media Marketing Leader at LinkedIn led what can only be described as a Rock n' Roll talk about how our content marketing strategy needs a reality check. He presented great examples from the creation and marketing process of his eBook 'The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing'.


Since we enjoyed it so much, we wanted to share the full talk with you. Hope you find it as entertaining and educational as we did. 

After a day packed of great tools and new ideas, we are excited to start implementing these takeaways. Hope to see you there next year!

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