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12 Cybersecurity Trade Shows Not To Be Missed in 2018

February 20, 2018

Overwhelmed with the number of cybersecurity industry conferences on offer? Don’t fret, just as in 2017, we did the research for you: below are the top conferences that you should try to attend in 2018.

1. Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit

7-11 March, 2018 / Cancun, Mexico

This is a hardcore event which brings together researchers and practitioners alike to share intelligence and solve ongoing cyber security issues. The conference has a rich agenda offering talks by renowned security experts. Keynotes include an introduction by Eugene Kaspersky.

Check out also, "The Criminal Hall of Shame" and practical use cases such as "Stopping The Fireball - How We Took Down A Global Threat Operation, Step By Step". Talks by experts such as Brandon Dixon from RiskIQ and Marc Rogers of Cloudflare look to be an interesting catch if you sign up quickly for the show.

According to Brandon, “If you're in security, spend some time learning about Monero and Verge altcoins. Chances are high you will see these more with bad actors. There's a push towards adding more privacy to transactions.”

The show also has a networking day on Saturday which is the perfect opportunity to build up contacts for the future.

2. IBM Think 2018

19-22 March, 2018 / Las Vegas, NV

This IBM hosted conference draws together industry leaders in tech with IBM seniors to brainstorm and exchange ideas around digital transformation and cutting edge technologies like AI. The “IBM Research Kick-Off” on day one is not to be missed. Sessions include cybersecurity issues such as Cloud security focused "Avoiding Turbulence on Your Journey to the Cloud" and "Prevention is Better than Cure: Stay Ahead of Threats with Managed Threat Prevention".

The list of speakers includes luminary physicist and author, Dr. Michio Kaku. Check out Dr. Kaku’s entertaining talk about how to predict trends affecting business, commerce, and finance here.

The conference’s planning portal which uses Watson’s AI will help you plan your show activities.

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3. Infosec World

19-21 March, 2018 / Lake Buena Vista, Florida

This event focuses on the practical and business enabling aspects of cybersecurity. The show goes back 20 years; in that time has built a good reputation and is a well-attended event. Keynote speakers include Whitney Merrill a privacy attorney at Electronic Arts talking through the legal ramifications of what “reasonable security” actually means.

Other interesting talks include “Stranded on Infosec Island: Defending the Enterprise with Nothing but Windows and Your Wits Hands-On” led by Adrian Sanabria and “Are you a Secure Code Warrior?” presented by Matias Madou.

4. World Of Cybersecurity Congress 2018

 27-28 March, 2018 / London, UK

This conference works hard to cover the entire remit of cybersecurity across multiple industries with the participation of over 150 cybersecurity professionals. New streams and subjects in 2018 have been added to bolster the show’s already packed agenda. These new tracks include, data-led defense, machine learning, and cyber-insurance. The keynote address is on "the future of cyber security and the information race” by Chris Inglis, Former Deputy Director, National Security Agency.

Further highly informative talks are “Cyber Risk Decision Making: The right investments to reduce risk” by Rich Baich which will look at how to calculate and present cybersecurity ROI to the board. Another key talk is on vendor risk management, “Third Party Risk Management: the weakest link” by Natasha Meaney.

Don’t miss the show’s “speed networking” event which gives you an opportunity to meet with like minded security professionals.

5. RSA Conference

16-20 April, 2018 / San Francisco, CA

The RSA Conference is one of the most popular and well-loved shows of the season. The show is in April this year with sessions that quickly get fully booked. The seminars on Monday include "GDPR Essentials" and an accompanying session "IAPP: Security's Role in GDPR Compliance”. With the deadline for GDPR compliance of 25, May, looming this is topical for many companies.

Also don’t miss practical and hands-on SANS tutorials, which offer great value for money. Tutorials include "Critical Security Controls: Planning, Implementing and Auditing" held by James Tarala as well as (ISC)2 CCSP® crash courses held at the event.

This show is a great place to network with industry professionals and enjoy the many many post show events that compete for attention.

6. Gartner Security And Risk Management Summit

 4-7 June, 2018 / National Harbor, MD

As the name implies Gartner are the hosts of this show which they use to impart their research on issues relating to information and cybersecurity. Talks are held by distinguished Gartner analysts, so you can expect to have cutting edge discussions. The 2018 show focus on the role and challenges of the CISO and a technical insights program covering security architecture in the enterprise.

Check out discussions on “Data security and risk governance”, “Adaptive security architecture”, and "People-centric security strategies”.

7. SINET Innovation Summit

7 June, 2018 / New York, NY

SINET’s purpose is to facilitate effective networking between senior level security professionals, both in government and in commerce. Speakers at this year’s New York Summit include Randy Miskanic, VP of Freddie Mac and Andy Ozment CISO of Goldman Sachs. A not to miss talk is “Is ‘Jackware’ the Next Evolution of IOT Targeted Ransomware and If So, Should Companies Acquiesce to The Bandits Extortion Demands?” moderated by William M. Beer.

Topics also include “Cybersecurity, Government, and Innovation: How to Make Partnerships Work

8. Information Security Europe

5-7 June, 2018 / London, UK

InfoSec Europe is one of the world’s largest cybersecurity gatherings mixing a conference with an extensive expo. The show has a big buzz about it, and if you need to know who is doing what in the world of information security, then this is the place to go to. Some of the world’s most renowned experts talk at InfoSec including Mikko Hypponen, Neira Jones, and Jack Daniel. This year’s show is still being firmed up, but keep an eye on the session agenda as it quickly gets booked up.

Highlights from the 2017 show included “Countering Ransomware: When Should you Pay the Ransom” with Rik Ferguson and James Lyne, as well as “Cyber Attack Survival Guide: Fostering Cyber Resilience within the Organisation”.

For those who may have missed it, this Bruce Schneier talk predicting the impact of AI on cybersecurity from last year’s show is a must watch.

9. BlackHat

August 4-9 / Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

BlackHat USA has been going for 21 years and is one of the industry’s most revered events. It draws in folks from all over the world as it offers not only conference tracks by experts, but a full 4-day technical training section. The current line-up is still in the ‘call for papers’ stage, but proposals are reviewed by some of the best in the industry, including Kymberlee Price of Bugcrowd, and Chris Wysopal of Veracode. Last year’s show included insight into research studies such as “Adventures In Attacking Wind Farm Control Networks” and “Splunking Dark Tools - A Pentesters Guide To Pwnage Visualisation

10. Defcon

August 9-12, 2018 / Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, NV

The remit of Defcon is to increase security awareness and give attendees practical tools that they can use in their own environment. In true Defcon style, the speaker workshop has been renamed “Packet Hacking Village Talks” and the call for proposals is out now. Topics that are likely to be aired include, “Tools on network sniffing, intrusion detection, monitoring, forensics” and “Security awareness program success and failure stories”.

While you’re waiting for this year’s show content, check out some of last year’s speakers, including: “Operational Security Lessons From The Dark Web” and “Skills For A Red Teamer”.

11. ASIS 2018

 23–27 September 2018/ Las Vegas, NV

ASIS is a professional body of the security world and promotes certification and professional qualifications in our industry. ASIS 2018, is their flagship event bringing the security world together. The show is a mix of practical sessions, use cases, and expert advice. ASIS 2018, has a very wide mantra, covering everything from cybersecurity to physical security and even workplace violence. ASIS offers a packed schedule, so you can choose from a massive list of options. Last year’s conference had tracks on “Healthcare Critical InfraStructure Defense” and a series of sessions on “Designing a Cybersecurity Program Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework”.

12. SecTor Canada

1-3 October / Toronto, Canada

SecTor is Canada’s top security conference which attracts some of the best-known security talent to speak. The show’s 2017 keynote speakers included the inimitable Bruce Schneier. The show is built around expert advise and research that is applicable to security professionals and their environment challenges. Last year’s sessions included “Attacking Modern SAAS Companies” and “Top SIEM Use Cases You Should Implement Today

Check out our ultimate guide to cyber security marketing here

Stay tuned for more events in 2018! We’ll update the list as more events are announced.

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