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HubSpot for Startups: The Features You Don't Want to Miss

November 17, 2016

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It’s safe to say that we all look for tools that will give us the most value, and cover the most grounds. The mess begins when we need to integrate different products to our CRM and add more and more sources. To relieve us from this, HubSpot have added exciting new tools and functions that’ll take everyone's inbound marketing and sales activities to the next level. When you build your growth on HubSpot, you'll have one set of tools that is seamlessly connected from sales to marketing to CRM.

As you’ve probably noticed, we at Marketing Envy are big HubSpot fans. So let's dig right into it!

The Diamond in The Rough

For those of you who aren’t running marathons just yet, we have a special tool you can stretch your legs with.  

Hubspot have took upon themselves to be the leaders in marketing automation. And you already know the regular reasons for liking a platform of any kind; friendly interface, excellent customer success, trainings and a true partnership for success.

But the most extraordinary reason for loving HubSpot is because they get startups!

They know how important marketing automation and tracking are from day one, and also understand that startups don’t necessarily have the money or resources to maintain the operation. So they came up with a special program designed for startups in seed, 'HubSpot for Startups’, that gives a front up 90% discount on all HubSpot packages.  

You become part of HubSpot’s growing startup community, where you have access to founders all over the world who have had success with HubSpot. And resources your startup needs to succeed, live online courses, exclusive curriculum, and in-person training.

For those of you who don’t meet their criteria, no worries! They also have HubSpot Marketing Free’.

This is perfect for startups that are just getting started with their inbound marketing.

The moment a lead shares their email, you’ll know who they are, where they work, and what pages they visited.  And with simple but powerful analytics, you’ll learn more which of your marketing efforts are working and which aren’t, like which traffic sources or pieces of content are driving the most conversions. It's a risk-free way to find out what inbound marketing can do for you. No budget necessary.

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Connecting Customers

We’re happy that your content is flowing and your team is performing without a hitch, but conversion is king. So, what can you do to better connect with your customers?

To paraphrase from Inbound 2016, “we are not B2B, we are B2H marketers” (and the H stands for Humans). HubSpot has added new features, giving us new ways to connect with customers, AKA humans and drive growth, from the way we send emails, book meetings, to how our website supports the sales process.

Live Chat

The best time to help prospects is when they’re on your website, in real-time. You can enable live chat on your website and connect visitors directly with your sales team.

You decide which contacts will be prompted to chat, on which pages and customize the look and feel of your chat window, to fit your website. The chat dashboard will allow you to easily manage multiple conversations; showing you relevant information about the contact, pulled directly from the CRM.

Meetings: syncs to your Google or Office 365 calendar

Say goodbye to, “will next Tuesday at 12pm EST work for you?”.

Meetings syncs to your Google or Office 365 calendar, so prospects can always see your most up-to-date availability and you’ll save hours of time spent on unnecessary emails.

  • Send group meeting links to allow prospects book a time with more than one person in your organization.
  • Set up a round robin meeting link so prospects can book a meeting with the sales representative whose availability works best for their schedule.
  • Embed meeting links on your site, making it convenient (and headache-free) for all.

Your sales team are the most beneficiaries of this tool. By pre-booking meetings you can automatically send set appointments rather than leads, cutting back on scheduling time, making their work much more efficient.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

We are all waiting for this tool and it cannot come fast enough! HubSpot is one of LinkedIn's CRM partners, giving access to target, understand and engage with prospects and leads through LinkedIn Sales Navigator right inside of the CRM.

Facebook Ads

One of the hottest topics at Inbound this year were ads, it seems that native advertising is here to stay, and will become an integrated part on inbound marketing.

Soon we’ll have the ability to measure and optimize our Facebook Ads inside HubSpot. This rounds out their integrations with the top ad networks, giving us the power to quickly test and assess our investment in paid media.


HubSpot Collect is a Chrome extension that allows you to clip ideas from around the web, and use them as research or ideas for content. No more saving ideas just to forget about them later, save ideas from your entire team and start creating more content.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is a stripped-down form of HTML, designed to be very lightweight and designs really fast loading. Hubspot is the only platform to have AMP by default.

Instantaneously load blog content for mobile visitors and increase the discoverability of your content in search in one-click.

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Connecting HubSpot Tools

All a marketer wants is to follow a contact from point A to Z, understand it’s flow and be able to know where he is at every stage. Well, HubSpot have taken a few of their best tools and improved them, to help us create traffic focused and lead generating content. Let’s take a closer look.   

Content strategy Tool

The past few years have brought a tremendous evolution in both the way search engines function and are used. Searches have evolved from basic keywords to content clustering that are topic based, in addition to longer-tail searches.  

The tool allows you to measure overall topic clusters to see what content is driving leads, and prioritize your team behind what is working. Start new topic clusters to expand your influence in areas important to you, and your customers.

You can now also create content around topic areas that will allow you to influence and attract customers. Easily choose head-tailed and highly relevant core terms. For example, at Marketing Envy a core topic could be "startup marketing." Sub-topics are longer-tail queries that would focus around questions your buyers are asking, i.e. “What are best practices for startup marketing?”

The Content Strategy tool will help you discover, validate, and execute content that generates results.

As your team scales, automation can get complicated. A single flow turns into three or four, one branch becomes several. More people are involved in the process, and need a quick way to understand your campaigns. Your processes might get more complex, but not your
tools! With the interface you can easily build complex workflows.


Composer will help you focus on creating the content your audience wants. It includes great features like, as-you-type keyword suggestions and on-page SEO advice so you can outrank your competitors for the keywords that matter.  Furthermore, users can now easily collaborate and have conversations about the content to make sure it's perfect. Write high-quality blog posts that help you get found in search and social media.

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Connecting Teams

Newly developed tools make it easier than ever to put heads together and come out with the results you want.


Projects is a productivity tool designed to stay out of your way. It’s your guide only when you need it, connecting you and your team around a set of shared tasks. It’s not just a way to manage work inside HubSpot, it's the new way to learn inbound.

Pre-populated Templates will guide you through countless inbound marketing tactics, strategy and execution, so you can learn by doing.  For every task in a Project you can, assign owners, set a due date and associate assets from other HubSpot tools. You can turn any Project into a template, helping you create a process for your marketing work.


You can quickly collaborate with colleagues directly in HubSpot. Simply @ mention a rep within a contacts timeline, or a colleague within a draft of your content and immediately include them in your work.

Unified Mobile App

We’ve all experienced the difficulties of trying to work while on the road. So now there’s an app for that! With HubSpot, you've got the entire power of Marketing, Sales, and CRM at your fingertips so you'll never lose sight of a customer, deal, or campaign.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to take advantage of the wealth of new tools and functions Hotspot has to offer. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.
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