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GDPR for Marketers: Join Us for a Meetup in Tel Aviv

April 9, 2018

GDPR is less than two months away. By now, we’ve all heard of it, but many marketers are still unsure of the implications. What is GDPR and why is it so important? How will GDPR affect your PPC and growth hacking activities? What should you be doing right now to get all your marketing processes GDPR-ready?

 We’ll answer these questions and more at a Meetup in TA, hosted by Marketing Envy and Bold Digital Architects.

We’ve got a great lineup of speakers from companies such as Outbrain, Hubspot Ireland, NetApp, Como (Conduit Mobile) and more, who’ll be sharing their best practices, tips and practical advice. There’ll be lots of information to take in, panel discussions and networking - all in the name of kick-starting your GDPR plan.

 Don’t miss this meetup. See the schedule and sign up here.

 Want to test your GDPR knowledge and find out where you really stand? Take the quiz be low.

Want to find out the latest on B2B marketing, GDPR and HubSpot, get in touch with us today and speak to myself, Billy or Idan. We won't bite, I promise.

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Amit Lavi

CEO and Co-founder of Marketing Envy - A B2B tech and startup focused marketing agency based in Tel Aviv. Mentor at Google Campus and Microsoft Accelerator. Facebook and Google Alumni. Part of Google Experts Network

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