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Key Takeaways From HubSpot Inbound 2021

Key Takeaways From HubSpot Inbound 2021

October 27, 2021


HubSpot recently wrapped up Inbound 2021. They focused on their "Crafted CRM vs. Cobbled CRM" approach: more customizable, more connected, and more customer-centric. It was clear that Hubspot's target sights are trained on Salesforce - their strategy is to directly compete with the CRM market leader on bigger, enterprise-ier accounts.


In case you missed their product spotlight, I've summarized below the 3-day event to help you stay up to date. If you have any questions, just hit reply. Enjoy!

Our 3 Main Takeaways from HubSpot Inbound 2021


  1. For marketers, our biggest takeaway is the ability to differentiate and manage different brands through one portal, while building even more complex reports. This is thanks to data sets, calculations, and improved associations. HubSpot is becoming more customizable and expandable.

  2. For salespeople,, our biggest takeaway is that HubSpot Payments will help create a streamlined quote-to-cash process thanks to payment links, recurring payments, native quotes, and payment integrations. In addition, thanks to improvements in reporting and deal split salespeople will be able to better cooperate and get credit for deals while giving sales managers a better understanding of how their team is performing.

  3. For service people, our biggest takeaway is that their customer portals will help your customers get the help and information they need when they need it. It will minimize repetitive tasks for support reps, while increasing trust between you and your customers. In addition, custom surveys open the door to a whole world of possibilities - unlimited questions, diverse question types, and easy sharing.


These product enhancements and others announced, make it clear that Hubspot is eyeing large organizations and enterprises, by equipping admins and ops teams with more tools to scale deployments internally, such as the new Permission Sets capabilities and much-anticipated Sandbox environments.


On the roadmap are further product enhancements to customer journey analytics and AI-powered recommendations that will be customizable and dynamic and will work across audiences and content.


The main strengths of the platform continue to be capitalized on: overall usability, marketing execution, and the deep geographical footprint in its partner ecosystem.


What's New at HubSpot?


Business Units

*Available in Marketing Hub Enterprise

Managing your family of brands is now easier than ever. This add-on gives you the ability to create multiple brands in a shared HubSpot portal across multiple tools.

Click here to check out HubSpot's Business Units tool.


*Available in Enterprise

As businesses scale, making changes becomes riskier, but also harder to isolate and understand downstream impacts. With HubSpot's Sandbox tool, you can safely experiment without permanently changing data.

Learn about HubSpot's Sandbox tool.

Operations Hub Enterprise

*Will likely be available beginning November 1, 2021

The tool that connects and cleans customer data, but also streamlines business processes will now be available in an Enterprise version with added business intelligence features, such as data sets and calculations.

Click here to see how HubSpot's Operations Hub can help you achieve more.


HubSpot Payments (open beta)

Natively process payments within HubSpot with four primary features: payment links, recurring payments, native quotes, and payments integration.

*HubSpot Payments is available to companies located in the United States who have been a customer for 6 months or more and have a paid subscription to any Hub.

Learn how HubSpot Payments enable a better buying experience for customers.

Customer Portals

*Available in Service Hub Professional and Enterprise

A web page behind a login where customers access and reply to support tickets. It allows customers to log into (and out of) a web experience directly or through a third-party authorization system and allows logged-in customers to create new support issues and take action on open issues.

Find out about HubSpot's Customer Portals feature.


What else is new at HubSpot?

Permission Sets: a set of default roles to help admins create users with predetermined permissions, such as "Marketing Manager", "Sales Reps". *Available from free to enterprise clients, with changes between hub types.

Association Improvements (in beta): increase the number of associations, but also be able to label associations, such as labeling a contact "Advisor" or "Decision Maker". *Available from free to enterprise clients, with changes between hub types.

Custom Behavioral Events: improvements to HubSpot's Behavioral Events API, such as populating properties with values directly through an event and seeing unique visitors, not just completions. *Available in Marketing Hub Enterprise.

Deal Splits: a new feature that lets salespeople share credit for a deal between up to 5 users. *Available in Sales Hub Enterprise.

Custom Surveys: add unlimited questions, use different question types (star ratings, radio select, text fields) and easily share their survey with an email link. *Available in Service Hub Professional and Enterprise


For more information on the updates and how you can implement them, get in touch with Marketing Envy for all your HubSpot marketing needs.

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