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LinkedIn Have Nailed It Again With Their New Features

June 20, 2019

More Time for Faces, Thoughts & Feelings

LinkedIn has just released new features that give your audience new and exciting ways to engage with you and your content. Here’s our pick of their top new tricks:

Create Connections and Build Networks Through Photos

Recognize that person in the photo from the BrightTALK event? Now you can tag them. Just seen a photo of your co-worker giving a presentation at InfoSec? You can make sure they know about that too. Creating connections with people after networking events and workshops has never been easier and more fun. Tagging new contacts in (flattering) photographs is a great way to reminisce about shared experiences, making the world seem all that friendlier!

photo taggingSource: LinkedIn Official Blog

More Than Just a Like - Celebrate, Show Love, Be Insightful and Curious

When your teammate posts a thought-provoking article, there’s the chance to be “curious” . You can express your love of your team by clicking the heart on a group photo of the Fun Day. What’s more, with this new array of emotions, customers can have more meaningful interactions with you and your content on LinkedIn.

ReactionsSource: LinkedIn Official Blog

Come Alive With a Video Message

We all know the impact of video in building trust. Millions are already telling stories with videos, sharing them with their connections or in groups. If you prefer some privacy and a one-on-one connection, you can now share your experiences and ideas in messages too.

doc upload

Source: LinkedIn Official Blog

Share your PDF Docs with Professionals Worldwide

Your latest ideas and innovations can now be shared on PDFs and slides on LinkedIn via the feed, in a group, or on your page. This is a great way to find out what your customers think of them!

document uploadSource: LinkedIn Official Blog


It’s great to see LinkedIn continuously updating their software to make it even easier to start interesting conversations with the right people about the topics that matter. Here’s to more innovation! 👏

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