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Marketing Envy's Favorite Subreddits

July 26, 2018

Reddit is a rich gem for tech marketers; check out our latest blog post on some of the best subreddits to use in your marketing campaigns - to build your domain knowledge and expertise.

Marketing Envy’s Favorite Marketing and Tech Subreddits

We hope you enjoyed part one of this two-part blog series on Reddit. As you know by now, Reddit is a platform for news and views on just about every topic under the sun. The platform, first aired in 2005 as a news aggregation and general comment site, has since become one of the most popular and fast-growing places for people to congregate, online. Alexa currently ranks Reddit as number 6 in the global top sites list. In March 2018, there were over 1.6 billion users accessing the site.

Learn how to get Reddit right

As we’re sure you know well, Reddit’s structure is based on smaller communities known as Subreddits with each Subreddit representing an interest area. Each Reddit account holder can subscribe to Subreddits and can comment on posts made by other Subreddit community members. A user can also post if they have accumulated enough ‘karma’ points – which are gained by commenting and voting on other user posts and comments.

Reddit and Subreddits are run by, let’s gracefully say, by ‘enthusiastic volunteers’ who police the forum. Posts and comments are moderated by these users, but do watch out: if you don’t follow the rules of Reddit and the Subreddit, you can be banned for a limited time. Repeat offenders can be banned outright. Worse yet, shadow banning exists where a user is banned but not made aware of it. The user will continue to post and comment, but the submissions don’t show up to other users.


Our 10 Favorite Subreddits

Reddit, when used correctly, is an outstanding resource for information and a must for the marketing world. The hard part is this: there’s a vast sea of Subreddits, and finding the best ones is far from simple.

Our team at Marketing Envy is deeply (and happily!) immersed with CyberSec and FinTech clients - so take a look at some of our favorite Subreddits - really our top picks. We’ve gone ahead and jotted down some notes for you - brief descriptions of the groups, the number of subscribers, and activity too.

B2B Marketing Subreddits

1. r/DigitalMarketing

Number of current subscribers: 11.9K

Activity rating: Medium

  • a great place to start your Reddit life as a marketer. This is a general discussion board where you can have chats about all things to do with marketing in the digital realm. Learn from your colleagues in the industry; great info here.

2. r/content_marketing

Number of current subscribers: 15.5K

Activity rating: Medium

Number of current subscribers: 1.3K

Activity rating: Low-Medium

  • all about the tools used in automated marketing, including, email marketing, Hubspot, Marketo, etc. Also guides on how to use certain tools, including Facebook for marketers. Lots of information about revenue growth and demand generation. This is a super place to ask questions about marketing automation tools which tend to be quite complex. Don’t miss this one!

Cybersecurity Subreddits

4. r/cyber_security

Number of current subscribers: 7.3K

Activity rating: High

  • discusses absolutely everything cybersecurity. It is full of information about the latest security incidents and how to mitigate cyber threats. A great Subreddit for people in cybersecurity from students through to security professionals to discuss the industry.

    5. r/ComputerSecurity

Number of current subscribers: 14.6K

Activity rating: High

  • a very active community that spreads news about the cybersecurity industry and incidents. Also links to relevant and interesting articles. This is a great place to go to get views on security solutions and tools. Questions are posed to the forum that give advice that even seasoned folks want to know like “Best Security/Privacy Email Provider?

    6. r/CyberSec101

Number of current subscribers: 1.2K

Activity rating: Low (comments), High (posting) 

  • a Subreddit for cybersecurity related videos. Posts cover areas including “how to’”, news, interviews, as well as videos of talks on security and privacy issues. The Subreddit is more about posting information than discussing it. Highly worthwhile.

    7. r/computerforensics

Number of current subscribers: 25K

Activity rating: High

  • an interesting Subreddit about all things that come under digital forensics across all device types. The Subreddit has a large number of subscribers and covers a large area around digital forensics methodology and technology.

    8. r/InfoSecNews

Number of current subscribers: 4.1K

Activity rating: Low (comments), High (posting)

  • a Subreddit primarily to allow the posting of security-related news items so there are not a lot of comments posted. You’ll want to subscribe to this one though to make sure you don’t miss any cybersecurity events.

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FinTech Subreddits

9. r/fintech

Number of current subscribers: 5.1K

Activity rating: Medium - High

  • run by Fintech enthusiasts, bringing together people who are interested in talking about how technology is changing the face of finance. Lots of information on new technologies such as “Mobile Wallets.” Lots of interesting discussions here - worth checking out for sure.

    10. r/financial

Number of current subscribers: 812

Activity rating: Medium

  • more of a general Subreddit about finance that can give lots of insight into the industry including B2B and B2C channels. This will give you a “bird’s eye view” of the industry - which is invaluable, especially to newbies to the world of FinTech.


Our ten favorite Subreddits above are just some of the 1.2 million subreddits available to subscribe to. A piece of friendly of advice:  don’t focus too much about each Subreddit’s number of subscribers and activity ratings. The world of Subreddits is ever in flux and always changing; new Subreddits open up all the time too. We recommend that you keep your Reddit eyes wide open, energized by all the options because Reddit can shift your marketing map in leaps and bounds.

So we leave you with this: within the deep caves of the Reddit global community lies a vast wealth of knowledge awaiting your perusal. Sign up and use the search function to find your interests to jump on the Reddit bandwagon.

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