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First HubSpot Event

Our First HubSpot Event

December 14, 2016

As you may have noticed, we’re big HubSpot advocates. We work with many startups and recommend them all to shift their marketing and sales activities to this one platform, and enjoy the wonder that is HubSpot. So We figured the best way to get our message through, was to bring HubSpot to you.

The event was a great success on our side, but more importantly, I hope it was the same for you. Here are the main points from the event, if you have questions or want to talk some more, contact us.

Speaker: Elad Ben Meir, VP Marketing at CyberInt.

Talk: How inbound with HubSpot took their marketing to a whole new level.

Before joining HubSpot, CyberInt used lots of different marketing tools, that all needed DSC_0462.jpgtracking. The tools might be low in cost, but the time spent integrating, tracking and analyzing the data from them all, is worth a lot of money (at least ours is).

Elad showed us a campaign, that started with PR and ended with lead generation.   

By sharing content through employee social accounts, they managed to spread the word. When you use HubSpot to run campaigns your data is all collected to one place and your tracking and lead management (both on sales and marketing sides), become clear.  

HubSpot begins to collect data on prospects before they become leads, so that once they do, you’ll know exactly how they’ve interacted with your brand from day one.

Check out the deck for examples.

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Speaker: Amit Lavi, CEO and Co-founder of Marketing Envy.

Talk: Agency case study- how our inbound marketing pillars helped our client grow its online presence and lead generation.

Content & SEO- We believe in 3 types of content.

  • Organic- based on keyword research. This content will help you rank higher for the search term you need. Even if you don’t have search volume yet, you will in the future.
  • Social- content that people like to share. This content that will help you engage with influencers and get followers.
  • Product/ company- This is content you need to write. New feature releases, funding and conferences (you know what i’m talking about).

Social Media Strategy-DSC_0444.jpg

  • Twitter- don’t expect to get visits, this platform will bring you engagement and awareness, focus on building a community. Find the middle sized influencers in your ecosystem and engage with them until they engage back.
  • LinkedIn- Focus on relevant groups (but don’t be a spammer!), post on different groups on different days. Repurpose your content on LinkedIn
    Pulse, summarize your blogs and add a link, you might not get visits, but you’ll get engagement and perhaps leads.
  • Facebook- It’ll work great for PPC but not so much in terms of social, so use it for post engagement, company events, announcements and recruitment.
  • Reddit- Very similar to groups but on a much higher level, you don’t want to be a spammer on Reddit, these are high quality users who are genuinely interested in your industry, if they smell spam you’ll be blocked. Reddit will bring lots of visits and engagement but not necessarily leads, so be sure to use remarketing.    


  • Remarketing first – On ALL channels
  • Promote whitepapers – Not Demo
  • Use Lookalikes on Facebook even for B2B – But remember to add interests


  • Maximize your returning contacts by using Smart forms to collect more and more information about them.
  • Nurture your leads based on the content they’re interested in and push them down the funnel.

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Speaker: Greg Karelitz, Growth & Partnerships at ‘HubSpot for Startups’.

Talk: HubSpot for Startups

Greg hopped over from Boston to talk about the shift HubSpot are making toward startups, and how important it is to them to be part of startup growth.  DSC_0442.jpg

He gave us the tip of what inbound for startups means to HubSpot and to tell us about the community and special offers they have.

HubSpot know how important marketing automation and tracking are from day one, and also understand that startups don’t necessarily have the money or resources to maintain the operation.

So they came up with a special program designed for startups in seed, ‘HubSpot for Startups’, that gives a front up 90% discount on all HubSpot packages.  

You become part of HubSpot’s growing startup community, where you have access to founders all over the world who have had success with HubSpot. And resources your startup needs to succeed, live online courses, exclusive curriculum, and in-person training.

The moment a lead shares their email, you’ll know who they are, where they work, and what pages they visited. And with simple but powerful analytics, you’ll learn which of your marketing efforts are working and which aren’t, which traffic sources or pieces of content are driving the most conversions. It's a risk-free way to find out what inbound marketing can do for you. No budget necessary.

So Marketing Automation is all about getting the most out of your marketing and seeing what is working and what you need to dump. In a marketing world that is content driven, you need one platform that enables you to manage large amounts of content and repurpose it quickly and efficiently.

Speak to us if you’d like to know more about Hubspot for Startups.

See you next time!
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