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Celebrating 5 Years and 116 Clients of Marketing Envy

If someone would have told me 5 years ago that this is where we would be, I would have given them a Valium and told them to chill the heck out. Blood, sweat, and tears and truck loads of fun later, these are our key takeaways. Note: Blog is written together with my partner, Amit Lavi. I write in singular first person instead of, ‘we’ in the hope that it sounds a little less cheesy… So, where are...
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LinkedIn Have Nailed It Again With Their New Features

More Time for Faces, Thoughts & Feelings LinkedIn has just released new features that give your audience new and exciting ways to engage with you and your content. Here’s our pick of their top new tricks: Create Connections and Build Networks Through Photos Recognize that person in the photo from the BrightTALK event? Now you can tag them. Just seen a photo of your co-worker giving a...
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We Have Marketing Envy For…

Our business goal is to create such spectacular marketing results for our clients that their competitors are left green with envy. But, there’s (almost) nothing I love more than getting impressed and inspired by the marketing efforts of other companies. Sometimes, I’m even a little envious. Here are six incredible companies that give me marketing envy. 1) We have marketing envy for… MailChimp ...
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Generate Better Leads With These 5 B2B Marketing Tactics

We’re almost at the end of the second quarter of 2019 and if you’re not reaching your quarterly goals, maybe it’s time to start re-examining some of your marketing tactics for the rest of 2019. Some tactics are longer plays than others, but these are my 5 top strategies to be focusing on in 2019. Video - Yes, you can afford it. This has been a stable of marketing recommendations for the last...
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The Problem in Hiring Skilled Marketers

Businesses have embraced digital technologies at a rapid pace. By 2020, digital technologies could add $1.36 trillion to the world’s total economic output. And yet, digital marketers who took a competency test scored an average of just 38%, with only 8% of those tested showing entry-level skills. What is going wrong?   Root cause of the shortage in digital marketing skills I’ve noticed a few...
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