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HubSpot Feature: Embedding in HubSpot’s Dashboards

You probably already know this, but showing how your marketing efforts impact the organization is usually not a simple process. The need to create the right reports, while highlighting the best insights, can be quite tedious. What happens when you encounter a problem, such as when you’re unable to build the report that you so badly want, and need to use an external tool, such as Google Sheets? ...
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28 Cyber Security Resources B2B Marketers Need in 2022

To help you stay up to speed with everything cyber security, we’ve pulled together a roundup of the top cyber security resources currently out there. Are we missing any? I The Blogs 1. Container Journal’s Container Security Blog Twitter: @ContainerBlog    From the people who bring you Security Boulevard, this blog focuses specifically on container security, including Docker and Kubernetes...
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HubSpot Feature: Simplifying Sales Communication - HubSpot Snippets

Here's how HubSpot snippets can help you cut down the time spent on some of your sales processes. HubSpot snippets are short, reusable text blocks that can be used on contact, company, deal and ticket records, in email templates, in chat conversations, and when logging an activity or note. Let’s say you work with a text document that contains certain phrases or important details that you...
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HubSpot Feature: Why You Should Use HubSpot CTAs, Not Buttons

Have you ever created an email in HubSpot and added a button, but then noticed that you can link a CTA instead of a URL? It’s funny because they’re essentially doing the same thing - driving prospective customers to your website, where they can convert on a form and be added to your database OR driving them to an external link. Using a CTA is likely to be more beneficial from a data analysis...
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Top 21 Cyber Security Tradeshows in 2022 Worth Taking a PCR Test For

We’ve all missed travel these last two years, but the good news is that in person conferences are finally coming back on-line. Plenty are still virtual or hybrid though, so if you don’t want to leave your couch there are still events for you. With so many destinations to choose from, we’ve helped you narrow down with our list of 20 must-attend shows for 2022.   SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence...
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