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Content Marketing Agency vs. Inbound Marketing Agency: Which Do You Need?

If you think these are just interchangeable terms, we’d like to set the record straight. Take a pause with us – at least long enough to understand the difference between these options and really understand which choice is hands down better for your company. Will content marketing agencies yield measurable results, or are inbound marketing agencies at the end of the day that all-around better...
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How Much Should You Be Paying Your Marketing Agency?

If you’ve decided to hire a marketing agency, that’s great news on making a decision and getting ready to move forward. The next step though, in our experience, is perhaps the most potentially disruptive part in the process because this is the point you’ve gotta make final decisions about what you really need, and how much to pay. And then, of course, you have to be sure that the price quote...
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Which Type of Lead Gen Agency Will Deliver MQLs?

Many companies make the mistake of assuming more leads for less money is always the best option. The reality is that lead generation agencies use different strategies to achieve their goals. The quantitative approach is all about numbers. You pay X number of dollars for Y amount of leads (or a commitment to a minimum) in order to see results as quickly as possible. The qualitative approach...
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GDPR and the FinTech Industry: What Marketers Need to Know

By working in the FinTech industry, you’re no stranger to the restrictions and demands of government regulation. But if you’re like most companies, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may still have you running scared, especially if you are not quite compliant and living in denial about it. According to a report published by TrustArc, only 20 percent of companies were GDPR compliant by...
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How to Choose An Agency for Your PPC Campaigns?

PPC campaigns and choosing an agency - that’s the oh-so-big question we’re grappling with today. Here’s everything you need to find the ideal match for your company’s goals and what to consider before making a commitment. Plus, let’s bust some PPC myths while we’re at it. Busting the PPC Myth Many companies leap into PPC with the hope of increasing their reach, scoring hot leads, and growing...
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