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The Top 9 Virtual Cyber Security Trade Shows for 2020

COVID-19 didn’t kill cybersecurity conferences; they’ve just moved online. Attend the best virtual cybersecurity conferences of 2020 from your home, office, or home office, and keep expanding your cybersecurity knowledge.    Earlier this year, we excitedly shared our top 25 Virtual Cyber Security Trade Shows for 2020. If you were looking forward to them as much as we were, you’re probably very...
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About Time Too! How B2B Marketers Should Shift Their Focus Away From Coronavirus

When it comes to B2B tech marketing, timing is everything. It’s vital to respond to current events, but you also need to avoid flogging a tired theme long after your audience has grown bored of it. It’s the fine line that we tread at Marketing Envy. We were quick to adapt our and our clients’ marketing strategies to COVID-19 by changing our messaging and campaign methods, and employing empathy...
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Marketing Envy & Converto Merge to Rid the B2B Tech Marketing World of S%#T Marketing

  DL;DR:  Marketing Envy and Converto will be operating from under one roof from here on out. Our mission is to free the B2B tech world of S%#T marketing, that delivers questionable business results!  The combined team of 20+ marketers and automation specialists are geared up to do precisely that. We’ll provide B2B tech companies with the strategy, technology and operations they need to launch...
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Biggest Mistakes CMOs Make with Their B2B Content Strategy and How to Avoid Them

Strong B2B content has the power to boost lead generation, increase conversions, and even raise lifetime customer value, yet most B2B companies struggle to achieve success with the content they create.  Despite the fact that 89% of decision-makers say content influences their perception of a company, 29% also say that most of what they read is mediocre or poor. At the same time, 94% of companies...
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How B2B CMOs are Marketing Through a Crisis

It’s that time of the decade where every marketer worries about two things: firstly, the precious marketing budget and secondly, what to do next. It’s also the time when you wish you’d have listened to your marketing lecturer when she suggested that you prepare an emergency draw plan for crisis mode. Although let’s be honest, nothing could have prepared any of us for marketing during COVID-19. So...
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