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How to Choose An Agency for Your PPC Campaigns?

PPC campaigns and choosing an agency - that’s the oh-so-big question we’re grappling with today. Here’s everything you need to find the ideal match for your company’s goals and what to consider before making a commitment. Plus, let’s bust some PPC myths while we’re at it. Busting the PPC Myth Many companies leap into PPC with the hope of increasing their reach, scoring hot leads, and growing...
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Follow Us To... The Ultimate Top 10 FinTech Experts and Influencers List

It was a (very) tough job but somebody had to do it. Calling out our top 10 pick of FinTech influencers. They’ll keep you updated with everything you need to know in the world of FinTech, and basically leave you wondering how you previously survived without them. Thriving is the operative word here. FinTech is thriving, and so it should be. The FinTech industry has made its mark as the upstart...
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CyberInt (Cybersecurity) – An Inbound Marketing Success Story

There are thousands of cybersecurity companies worldwide and most are struggling to find the right audience, stand out in the crowd and get their message heard. As if these weren’t enough, recruiting the team of marketers to get the job done is almost mission impossible in itself. Where is the pot of golden MQLs at the end of the rainbow? See how CyberInt overcame their marketing challenges by...
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Marketing Envy's Favorite Subreddits

Reddit is a rich gem for tech marketers; check out our latest blog post on some of the best subreddits to use in your marketing campaigns - to build your domain knowledge and expertise. Marketing Envy’s Favorite Marketing and Tech Subreddits We hope you enjoyed part one of this two-part blog series on Reddit. As you know by now, Reddit is a platform for news and views on just about every topic...
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Reddit - A Tech Marketer’s Box of Delights

If you’re not using Reddit for marketing - or Reddit has been confusing the heck out of you, then we’ve written this just for you. Because Reddit is continuing to grow, and grow quickly. In April 2018, there were 1.52 billion visits to Reddit. And the subscribers just keep on coming. An article by Statistica describes the growth as “explosive.” But what exactly is Reddit? Reddit is a platform -...
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