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Marketing Envy's Favorite Subreddits

Reddit is a rich gem for tech marketers; check out our latest blog post on some of the best subreddits to use in your marketing campaigns - to build your domain knowledge and expertise. Marketing Envy’s Favorite Marketing and Tech Subreddits We hope you enjoyed part one of this two-part blog series on Reddit. As you know by now, Reddit is a platform for news and views on just about every topic...
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Reddit - A Tech Marketer’s Box of Delights

If you’re not using Reddit for marketing - or Reddit has been confusing the heck out of you, then we’ve written this just for you. Because Reddit is continuing to grow, and grow quickly. In April 2018, there were 1.52 billion visits to Reddit. And the subscribers just keep on coming. An article by Statistica describes the growth as “explosive.” But what exactly is Reddit? Reddit is a platform -...
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Does your startup really need a CMO?

Originally posted on CIO Magazine: Many startups are in a mad rush to hire their CMO to take care of ‘marketing.’ Problem is twofold: First, there simply aren’t enough good CMOs around, and those that are great demand an equally fabulous remuneration package. Second, many CMOs simply aren’t cut for the “rolling up the sleeves” type of work that you’ll need them to do initially. Don’t feel...
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LinkedIn is Bringing Hashtags Back - Leveraging the New Tool to Increase Awareness

After a while of hearing rumors about LinkedIn’s plan to focus on content, the day has finally arrived! If you’re lucky enough to be a part of the early roll out, you might have noticed new suggestions on the left side of your feed. But before you run to check it out, remember that us marketers have a history of abusing very useful tools; let’s try to treat this one differently. When clicking...
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Top 12 Cyber Security Experts to Follow

As a successful digital agency that works with a number of cyber security clients we are often asked for the secrets of our marketing success. While we are not in the business of giving away our recipes (‘cos there aren’t any magic potions), one golden rule we do implement is following and engaging thought leaders on social channels. Why? Well firstly, cyber security is a fast-paced sector and...
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