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Are Your Company’s Social Media Activities Breaking the Law?

Most startups know their industry inside and out, but they’re not experts when it comes to the law. It’s easier than you might think to cross a line that leads to a lawsuit for copyright infringement or reputational harm offenses, like libel, slander, and violation of privacy.  The risk is even higher on social media. If this happens to your business, the repercussions can be severe, from lost...
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PART 1 - Thinking like a Venture Capitalist

In the 1990s, the Internet bubble was expanding, prompting a wave of tech startups in Israel and globally that continued well after it burst. These startups brought new energy and ingenuity to the venture capitalist (VC) scene, with investors facing a glut of eager startups that needed to be assessed, understood, and guided through their lifecycle.    We’re familiar with the startup perspective,...
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Celebrating 5 Years and 116 Clients of Marketing Envy

If someone would have told me 5 years ago that this is where we would be, I would have given them a Valium and told them to chill the heck out. Blood, sweat, and tears and truck loads of fun later, these are our key takeaways. Note: Blog is written together with my partner, Amit Lavi. I write in singular first person instead of, ‘we’ in the hope that it sounds a little less cheesy… So, where are...
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LinkedIn Have Nailed It Again With Their New Features

More Time for Faces, Thoughts & Feelings LinkedIn has just released new features that give your audience new and exciting ways to engage with you and your content. Here’s our pick of their top new tricks: Create Connections and Build Networks Through Photos Recognize that person in the photo from the BrightTALK event? Now you can tag them. Just seen a photo of your co-worker giving a...
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We Have Marketing Envy For…

Our business goal is to create such spectacular marketing results for our clients that their competitors are left green with envy. But, there’s (almost) nothing I love more than getting impressed and inspired by the marketing efforts of other companies. Sometimes, I’m even a little envious. Here are six incredible companies that give me marketing envy. 1) We have marketing envy for… MailChimp ...
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