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Remarketing on LinkedIn for B2B - How to

April 4, 2017

Reading Time: 3 mins

This past month has been full of new improvements from LinkedIn, especially for B2B advertisers and we’re all about the “How tos”. This time LinkedIn have released a Matched Audiences tool, which allows further custom audience targeting. Basically, this means we have more targeting options, but most of all, we now can (finally!) remarketing our website visitors and selected audiences. So let’s get down to it.

1. As always, the first thing you need to do is place the LinkedIn Insight Tag on all of your website pages.

Linkedin matching audiences 1.png

Linkedin matching audiences 2.png

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2. You can then create custom audiences based on past website traffic.

Linkedin matching audiences 3.png

Linkedin matching audiences 4.png

Linkedin matching audiences 5.png


3. You have the option to create audiences based on lists of accounts, by uploading a CSV file of the account email. The list must consist of at least 300 people and no more than 30k.

Linkedin matching audiences 6.png

Linkedin matching audiences 7.png

4. When it’s time to create your campaign, you can choose to retarget or/and target specific audiences.

Linkedin matching audiences 8.png


Check out this video for more information about the Matched Audiences tool on LinkedIn.

Happy targeting!

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