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The Top 25 Cyber Security Trade Shows for 2020

The Top 25 Cyber Security Trade Shows for 2020

January 27, 2020


To help you narrow down your travel list, we gathered our must-attend cyber security trade shows in 2020. 

1. SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit 

January 20-27, 2020 / Arlington, VA  

The two-day SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence summit brings together leading cyber threat intelligence experts and analysts to share their insights, experience, and knowledge. 

A combination of networking events, in-depth discussions, and training brings you more than up to date on the constantly shifting cyber threat situation. Don’t miss top speakers like Cristin Flynn Goodwin or Rebekah Brown, and be sure to participate in the DFIR NetWars. 

2. CyberTech Tel Aviv 

January 28-30, 2020 / Tel Aviv, Israel

At CyberTech Global conference, top cyber tech experts from around the world share and learn innovations and new approaches to cyber security. Topics include IoT, FinTech, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, and more, with expert speakers like Gen. David H. Petraeus, Eugene Kaspersky, and Chuck Robbins.

The massive cyber security conference includes specialist sessions on topics like cybermed, cyber for railways, and cyber for SMBs; a huge exhibition of cyber companies and startups; and the world’s foremost B2B cyber networking opportunity. 

3. TEISS London 

February 12-13, 2020 / London, UK 

One of the largest and most comprehensive European cyber security events, TEISS London focuses on human challenges in improving cyber security, sharing information about the latest threats and newest developments for combatting them. Headline speakers feature Dr. Dave Chatterjee, Dr. Stephanie Hare, and Deborah Haworth.

Topics include: 

  • Improving cyber security culture
  • Strategies for quantifying cyber risk
  • Threat trends in 2020 and beyond
  • The impact of GDPR
  • Coping with threats in the supply chain

4. FS-ISAC 2020 London Member Meeting

February 19, 2020 / London, UK

The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) is a global consortium of almost 7,000 financial institutions that work together to reduce cyber risk. The London Member Meeting is a chance for employees of financial institutions to meet, share information about cyber threat, and learn from experts in cyber risk.

5. RSA Conference 2020

February 24-28, 2020 / San Francisco, CA 

The RSA conference occupies pride of place on every cyber security events calendar. Book your ticket to discover new and shining cyber security startups, enjoy multiple networking opportunities, and grow your cyber security skillset by hearing from over 700 speakers. 

Exciting speakers at RSAC 2020 include Dr. Reem Al-Shammari, Bob Blakley, and Mary Carp.

6. ICISSP 2020 (6th international conference)

February 25-27, 2020 / Valletta, Malta

The event organizers haven’t yet released any information about the speaker lineup or particular themes, but the 3-day cyber security conference is an excellent opportunity to discuss and learn more about deep issues in all aspects of IS security and privacy. 

7. IAPP Data Protection Intensive: UK 2020

March 11-12, 2020 / London, UK

If you specialize in data protection, privacy, and compliance issues, you won’t want to miss IAPP Data Protection Intensive. The two-day cyber security trade show offers keynotes, workshops, and breakout sessions on topics like:

  • GDPR compliance
  • Artificial intelligence and data protection
  • Children’s privacy rights
  • Adtech 

It’s preceded by two days of workshops and training sessions. Although the speaker lineup hasn’t yet been released, Dr. Johnny Ryan is confirmed as the closing keynote speaker of the conference. 

8. Cloud and Cyber Security Expo

March 11-12, 2020 / London, UK 

This year’s Cloud and Cyber Security Expo concentrates on Securing Digital Transformation. Focus areas include:

  • Application security and DevSecOps
  • Automation, AI, and ML security
  • Governance, risk management, and compliance
  • Enterprise cloud security
  • Privilege, identity, and access management
  • Threat detection, intelligence, and response
  • Data protection, encryption, and privacy
  • Securing network environments
  • IoT security, privacy and trust
  • Security, strategy, and leadership

The list of speakers hasn’t yet been released, but you can get a taster of what to expect by watching the video of highlights from Cloud and Cyber Security Expo 2019. 

9. Cyber Security & Cloud Expo Global 2020

March 17-18, 2020 / London, UK

Subtitled “Exploring the security needs of future technology,” the 2020 Cyber Security and Cloud Expo will focus on evolving issues facing CISOs and security professionals, alongside cyber security trade shows presenting innovative security solutions. 

The event is co-located with the Blockchain Expo, IoT Tech Expo, AI and big data Expo, and the 5G Expo, enabling attendees to learn more about convergent technologies. Exciting speakers include a classified speaker from the National Cyber Security Center, Steve Williamson, and Lesley Marjoribanks. 

10. InfoSec World 2020

March 30 - April 1, 2020 / Lake Buena Vista, FL 

The 2020 InfoSec World conference takes a long look at the new decade, discussing how to address disruptive tech and rising threats, as well as how to handle the people, processes, and tools involved in spotting and tackling cyber risk. 

Keynote speakers include Jamil Farshchi of Equifax, Jimmy Sanders, head of IS at Netflix, and Parham Eftekhari of ICIT. 

11. BLACK HAT Asia 2020 

March 31 - April 3, 2020 / Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Black Hat Asia is a golden opportunity for cyber security professionals who focus on offensive and defensive black hat hacking to get together and make valuable connections. 

Benefit from in-depth training in technical hacking skills provided by industry experts, alongside cutting edge briefings on the latest research discoveries, and top-tier cyber security solutions from a range of service providers. 

12. Fraud and Financial Crime Europe 

April 1-2, 2020 / London, UK

Cyber security professionals in the financial sector should mark their cyber security trade shows calendar. Focusing on analyzing risks and finding solutions to fraud and financial crime, this year’s conference is taking a close look at a number of topics:

  • Sanctions compliance
  • Global collaboration to mitigate the risk of fraud and 
  • Detecting and preventing application fraud
  • Reviewing the 6th AML directive
  • Building an effective risk culture

Look out for speakers like Mark Brotherton, Lordine Huggins, Vinaya Parvate. 

13. SANS 2020 Cyber Security Training in Orlando

April 3-10, 2019 / Orlando FL

The SANS event is a hands-on, immersive, live training event for cutting edge cyber security strategies. You can choose from 2-day, 4-day, 5-day, or 6-day courses, plus some of the courses are streamed through a virtual classroom in a live simulcast broadcast. Instructors include former FBI special agent Eric Zimmerman, digital forensics expert Alissa Torres, and SANS faculty fellow Seth Misenar.

Among the highlights of the event are the NetWars sessions; live tournaments open to every SANS participant, allowing you to test your strengths and discover your weaknesses in live challenges. 

14. Security Analyst Summit

April 6-9, 2020 / Barcelona, Spain

Sponsored by Kaspersky, the annual Security Analyst Summit in Spain is aimed at senior executives from a range of verticals, alongside representatives from global law enforcement agencies, and anti-malware researchers. 

This year, the main topics include mobile device exploitation, advanced malware threats, critical infrastructure protection, and attacks on connected medical devices and the gaming industry, among others. 

15. IBM Think 2020

May 4-7, 2020 / San Francisco, CA

IBM invites you to join them for four days of hands-on, experiential learning and in depth discussions about transformative tech in a conference which goes way beyond a cyber security trade show.  

Headline speakers include IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst, and international barrister Amal Clooney.  

16. NorthSec Training Conference 2020 

May 10-17, 2020 / Montreal, Canada

NorthSec 2020 is a four-day high quality training experience, a conference focusing on the cutting edge of cyber security, and a two-day applied security competition, all rolled into a single week-long cyber security event.

This year’s two-day conference covers a huge range of subjects, including network security, pentesting, web hacking, and reverse engineering among the topics. 

17. Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

June 1-4, 2020 / National Harbor, MD

Gartner’s annual cyber security conference focuses on shifting organizational culture to increase privacy, business resilience, and cyber security, covering new best practices for AI, IoT, blockchain, cloud security, DevOps, and more.

The summit is an opportunity to network and share ideas with thousands of CISOs and security, risk, and resilience professionals from a range of verticals. 

18. InfoSecurity Europe 2020

June 2-4, 2020 / London, UK

InfoSecurity Europe aims to bring together tech, cyber, and business professionals to brainstorm the best ways to protect companies and individuals. Attend this leading cyber security trade show to update your knowledge and skills regarding how to manage cyber risk and information to build resilience within complex organizations. 

19. Behavioral Analysis 2020

June 10-11, 2020 / London, UK

Threat intelligence and other cyber security professionals will discover plenty of new ideas from the world’s only conference on behavioral analysis. In a nutshell, you’ll learn how to spot early signs of hostile or criminal intent through behavioral indicators, tactical risk analysis, and profiling techniques. 

20. Webit.Festival Europe 2020 Cyber Security Summit

June 17-20, 2020 / Valencia, Spain

The Webit.cyber security summit gathers industry experts, offering you an opportunity to learn cutting edge data protection strategies from cyber security leaders. 

This year’s topics include privacy, anti-malware, adware, mobile security, geolocation, data encryption, and more. While the speaker list hasn’t yet been published, last year’s lineup was awesome, including Raj Samani, chief scientist at McAfee; Edna Conway, CTO at Cisco; and Natalia Oropeza, CSO at Siemens. 

21. Innovation Summit 2020 

June 18, 2020 / NYC, NY

The 2020 Innovation Summit looks at the cutting edge of collaboration in the world of cyber security. The program and speakers are still under wraps, but the 2019 conference featured Karen Evans, Assistant Secretary for cyber security, Energy Security and Emergency Response, as the keynote speaker, and session topics like “Security and DevOps: Can They Co-Exist,” and “What Does the Next Generation of Security and the 2020 Investment Market Look Like?”


July 20-24, 2020 / Singapore

The Hack in the Box Security Conference, affectionately known as HITBSecConf, is coming to Singapore in July. The unique event combines high level discussion about next generation cyber security challenges and hardcore technical solutions, intensive training sessions, two hackathons, and a two-day Capture the Flag style 'Live Hacking' competition. 

23. DEFCON 2020 

August 6-9, 2020 / Las Vegas, CA

Combining live demonstrations, hands-on training, and fascinating exploits, DefCon 2020 is the word hard, play hard cyber security event. There’s no information yet about 2020, but checking into the 2019 schedule and speakers’ list reveals a focused conference for networking, expanding your cyber security skillset, and learning new techniques. 

24. Global Security Exchange (GSX) 

September 21-24, 2020 / Atlanta, GA

Bringing together security professionals from every vertical, the GSX annual conference aims to help you network, grow, and learn more about security tactics. The GSX organizing team promises exciting changes for 2020 GSX. You can look forward to two days of pre-conference activities, certification courses, and learning opportunities, followed by 3 intense days of networking and exposition. 

25. SecTor 

October 19-20, 2020 / Toronto, Canada

SecTor’s annual conference unites global security experts to pool their experience, reveal their latest research, and present their most innovative cyber security techniques for combatting underground threats and building up corporate defences. 

2019 sessions covered topics like “Poisoned RDP defence and offence,” “How adversaries are abusing network blind spots,” and “Creating a culture to foster collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.” Enjoy scintillating discussions on similar topics while networking with hundreds of security professionals in 2020. 

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