Top 10 Cybersecurity Experts You Need to Follow

Top 10 Cybersecurity Experts You Need to Follow

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As 81% of marketing professionals have found, influencer marketing simply works. And that’s for a reason. Thought leaders that passionately share their expertise tend to gain lots of fans and followers. As a marketer, you can study what those influencers say, connect with them and encourage them to spread the word about your brand; the main goal ultimately being to create a meaningful relationship with your fans so that they become brand ambassadors. This takes both time and strategy, we even wrote a whole blog about it last week.

If you’re serious about marketing your cybersecurity company on social channels, you’ll want to know who the influencers are in your eco-system. Then, you’ll want to learn from and connect with them.

These are the Top 10 cybersecurity experts you need to follow on Twitter. As a first step I’d advise you to simply sit back and enjoy the banter they provide. Learn about them and the people they interact with, remember you wouldn’t blindly advocate for another brand, they won’t either.

1. Bill Brenner (@BillBrenner70) is the Senior Content Strategist at PKWARE, where he spearheads thought leadership on enterprise and government encryption issues. He engages his Twitter followers with thoughts on world news items and implications for IT security, and occasionally Tweets about The OCD Diaries, a personal blog he runs about overcoming anxiety.

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2. Dave Shackleford (@daveshackleford) is the founder and principal consultant of Voodoo Security, a firm that takes a high-level analytical approach to security projects. As a SANS analyst and educator, Shackleford’s voice is authoritative in the InfoSec space. On Twitter, he links to security tech articles and case studies, while mixing in some lighthearted interaction with industry peers.

3. Eugene Kaspersky (@e_kaspersky), Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, is winning the Twitter game. Far-flung from his humble start as a software engineer who sold antivirus solutions to just a handful of buyers, Kaspersky now spearheads one of the biggest security companies in the world. He regularly Tweets interesting, educational links from the Kaspersky blog and other popular InfoSec outlets.

4. Gadi Evron (@gadievron) is the founder and CEO of Cymmetria, an innovative cybersecurity startup that flips the script on hackers with a “cyber deception” paradigm (full disclosure, they’re a client, but we’re so proud). He’s also a former VP of Cybersecurity Strategy at Kaspersky Lab and a highly-regarded consultant, writer and thought leader. He shares everything from what he thinks about Donald Trump to latest gadgets and industry news with the InfoSec community on Twitter and Facebook.

5. David Ulevitch (@davidu) is the founder and CEO of OpenDNS. OpenDNS adds essential protections to the Domain Name System and provides an enterprise security solution, Umbrella, that offers advanced intelligence and high-level visibility of activity across locales. On Twitter, Ulevitch shares cybersecurity news and funny tidbits as he converses with other InfoSec professionals.

6. Mikko Hypponen (@mikko) is the Chief Research Officer of F-Secure and a well-known inventor, columnist and TED speaker. He has led efforts to defeat notorious security breaches and viruses, and is a consultant to several governments on information security. On Twitter, Hypponen is a whistleblower on IT security news that’s instantly relevant to both governments and enterprises.

7. Katie Moussouris (@k8em0) is a cybersecurity trailblazer. She was the architect of the first highly effective “bug bounty” programs for Microsoft and the U.S. government. Today, as the founder and CEO of Luta Security, Moussouris is a consultant in high demand by both private and public sector interests. She uses Twitter to talk about new InfoSec happenings, and to discuss the rising utility of the bug bounty programs she’s credited for popularizing.

8. Robert M. Lee (@RobertMLee) is the founder and CEO of Dragos Security LLC. Given his passion for security intelligence and his roles as an educator and public policy consultant, he’s become an InfoSec force, leading Forbes to name him one of 2016’s “30 under 30” for Enterprise Technology. On Twitter, Lee curates an interesting mix of “snackable” security policy news and in-depth articles on methodology.

9. Bruce Schneier (@schneierblog) is Chief Technology Officer at IBM’s Resilient, and is one of the most important “people to listen to” in IT security. He’s written major textbooks on cryptography and is a thought leader on big-picture security policy, disseminating his wisdom through his blog Schneier on Security. Schneier Tweets about the latest big security firm happenings and what they mean for the enterprise. On occasion, he shares “fun” stuff as well.

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10. Graham Cluley (@gcluley) is an InfoSec expert who’s worked for McAfee and was the Senior Technology Consultant at Sophos. These days, he’s an independent blogger, speaker and researcher, giving in-depth talks to both enterprise and public sector audiences and gaining visibility via such outlets as CNN, Fox, BBC and TechCrunch. He Tweets conversationally about security news of high value to individuals and corporate entities.

By leveraging their help, you can, over time, electrify your market with targeted, thought leader-approved content. Just always keep in mind, you want to build a meaningful relationship that both sides are interested in, so find common ground you think will benefit you both.

Not all thought leaders are potential brand ambassadors, study them before engaging. You might find that your target audience follows the people who follow these VIPs and that those are your influencers. Bottom line, you’re trying to spread your brand and ultimately want conversions. I believe TLC said it best: “Don’t go chasing waterfalls, listen to the rivers and the lakes”.

If you’re ready to explore the roles influencer marketing and other marketing strategies can play in getting you more market share, leads and sales, book a free consultation with our industry expert today!

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