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Top 20 Cybersecurity Trade Shows for 2021: Coming to a screen OR venue near you.

January 11, 2021

In 2020, most cybersecurity events shifted online. But with vaccines rolling out around the globe, some conference organizers are planning in-person events in 2021.

At Marketing Envy, we don't discriminate. We gathered the 20 best events for cybersecurity marketers in 2021, so you can learn, network, and enjoy, whether it's in-person or through a screen. 

  1. SANS - Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit 2021

Date: January 21-30, 2021

Price: Free 

Location: Online

The SANS two-day summit is an opportunity for cybersecurity folks to network, learn new techniques, and share their latest insights into cyber threat intelligence. 2021's event will be online, but just as scintillating and thought-provoking as ever, with thought leaders like Robert Lee, Joshua Wright, David J. Bianco, and Lenny Zeltser among the speakers. 

Topics this year include:

  • Case studies on applying cyber threat intelligence to business or security challenges
  • Insights into using traditional intelligence approaches for CTI analysis
  • Innovations in CTI
  • Methods for producing cyber threat intelligence
  • New cyber threat intelligence tools

Stick around for in-depth courses, and don't miss the beloved DFIR NetWars that follow.


February 21-25, 2021

Location: Abu Dhabi

Price: TBC

As the Middle East's largest expo on cyber defense, IDEX is unmissable. Featuring over 200 official delegations, hundreds of thousands of attendees from 62 countries, and over 1,250 exhibitors, IDEX is the place to discover the new tools and tactics to get you ahead in the endless battle for cybersecurity. 

This year's expo is historic, since it's the first time that delegates from Israel are officially participating in the event. 

3. ICS Security Summit 

Date: March 4-13, 2021 

Price: Free

Location: Online

This year's ICS Security Summit will be held online, with the same high standard of world experts, top practitioners, and ICS innovators. With all the content available for free online, there's no excuse for missing excellent speakers like Robert Lee, Don C. Weber, and Jason Christopher.

The two-day summit is followed by valuable long training courses, and the Grid Net Wars gamified training battles. This year's topics include:

  • Live attack demonstrations
  • Success stories and case studies
  • Insights into future attack vectors
  • Cyber threat mitigations
  • Deconstructing real-world ICS and technical attacks

Follow @SANSICS for updates.

4. Cybertech Global

Date: April 5-7, 2021

Location: Dubai, UAE

Price: TBC

Cybertech Global is the biggest cybersecurity networking event outside of the US, and this year it's taking place in person in Dubai. The summit covers an astonishing number of themes and issues, ranging from maritime cybersecurity to retail security to deep fakes. It features speakers from government bodies, new startup founders, and established industry thought leaders. 

Don't miss keynotes from the likes of Yigal Unna, Director-General of Israel's National Cyber Directorate, or His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Hamad Hareb al-Kuwaiti, Executive Director of the National Electronic Security Authority in the UAE. 

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5. KB4CON Virtual Summit

Date: April 19-20, 2021

Location: Online

Price: TBC

KB4 focuses on all aspects of cybersecurity and security awareness training. Headline speakers include Theresa Payton, the first female CIO in the White House, and Clint Watts, a cybersecurity expert and former FBI Special Agent. Follow #KB4CON for updates.

6. Secure360 2021

Date: May 11-12, 2021

Location: Online

Price: $399-499

This year's Secure360 conference addresses the challenge of maintaining security in a world that's evolving and maturing rapidly, including challenges like information warfare. Although the event will take place online, you'll still be able to enjoy a high quality conference experience that encompasses vendor booths and networking opportunities. 

Don't miss top speakers like Alex Stamos, former CSO of Facebook and former CISO of Yahoo, or Shannon Polson, one of the first female U.S. Army Apache helicopter captains and pilots. Follow @Secure360 and #Secure360 for updates.

Check out our ultimate guide to cyber security marketing here

7. CYBERUK 2021 Virtual

Date: May 11-12, 2021

Location: Online only 

Price: TBC

Organized by the UK's National Cyber Security Centre, CYBERUK is the flagship event for the UK's cybersecurity sector. It's known for its informal energy. It’s an opportunity for cybersecurity professionals and strategy leaders to make new relationships, remove barriers between groups, and learn to work together for greater resilience. Sessions include keynote speeches, official briefings, and interactive technical challenges. 

Follow @CYBERUKevents and #cyberuk2021 for updates. 

8. AusCERT 2021 

Date: May 11-14, 2021

Price: TBC

Location: The Star Hotel, Gold Coast, Australia, and online

AusCERT is Australia's longest-running cybersecurity conference, usually attracting over 800 participants. This year, AusCERT will be running as a hybrid event with a smaller in-person attendance and hundreds of international virtual participants. AusCERT will welcome around 50 speakers for lectures, tutorials, networking events, interactive workshops, and more across online and offline spaces. Follow @AusCERT for updates.

9. Cybercon London 2021

Date: May 12th-13th, 2021

Price: £95 +VAT

Location: Online

This year's CyberCon London addresses topics around fraud risk management, cyber espionage, extortion, and cyber theft. It has a combination of fascinating keynote speeches, immersive experiences, and interactive panel discussions. Headline speakers include Dr. Jacqui Taylor, Phillip Ingram, and Aviya Arika. 

CyberCon London promises to give participants a comprehensive toolkit with the latest strategies for dealing with cyber threats. Follow @cyber_london and #CyberConLondon for updates.

10. RSA Conference 2021

Date: May 17-20, 2021

Location: Online only

Price: TBC

After a great deal of thought, the RSA Conference team decided to move RSAC 2021 to be fully virtual, with many digital experiences and opportunities to network, interact, and learn online. This year's theme will be Resilience, with a focus on the drive to find new solutions and adapt to new realities. RSAC 2021 boasts over 300 sessions, seminars, and briefings, and will continue favorite RSAC features like the Innovation Sandbox Contest, Capture the Flag events, and Birds of a Feather. Follow @rsaconference and #RSAC for updates. 

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11. ISDEF 2021

Date: June 15-17, 2021

Price: 500 NIS

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

ISDEF is Israel's premier defense, homeland security, and cybersecurity exhibition, and this year it hopes to be larger than ever to spearhead knowledge transfer, regional cooperation, and trade relations in the ASEAN region. At ISDEF 2021, you'll be able to interact with cutting-edge cybersecurity defense companies, cyber intelligence leaders, counter-terrorism experts, and more. Follow @ISDEFExpo for updates. 

12. Hack in Paris

Date: June 28-July 2, 2021

Location: Maison de la Chimie, Paris, France

Price: €324.00 - €57600

Although it's been delayed more than once, the much-appreciated Hack in Paris conference is scheduled to take place in person in Paris once again in 2021. Hack in Paris is an informal conference that covers industrial espionage, malware analysis, pen testing, forensics, and more. The event includes 2-3 days of training from leading cybersecurity experts, followed by exciting interactive experiences like workshops, Bug Bounty sessions, Wargames, and Hacker Jeopardy. Don't miss keynotes speakers Luca Bongiorni and Phillip Tsuckerman

Follow @HackinParis and #HIP21 for updates. 

13. Cloud and Cybersecurity Expo

Date: July 7-8, 2021

Location: Excel, London, UK 

Price: TBC

With a theme of securing digital transformation, this year's Cloud and Cybersecurity Expo promises to continue delivering solution-focused content and cutting edge innovative tools at an in-person event. As well as much-needed networking opportunities, the expo offers a chance to talk with the world's leading cybersecurity suppliers, including Tresorit, Darktrace, and IRM, and learn from hundreds of expert speakers from corporations like Aldermore Bank and the ONS. 

Follow @CSE_Global for updates.

14. Black Hat USA 2021

Date: July 31-August 5, 2021

Location: Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA

Price: TBC

Black Hat events worldwide are beloved by cybersecurity professionals looking for opportunities to hone and advance their knowledge of offensive and defensive black hat hacking. Like previous events, Black Hat USA is to be held in person in Las Vegas for everyone interested in cybersecurity techniques, tools, and tactics. 

Follow @BlackHatEvents for updates and information. 

15. DEF CON 29

Date: August 5-8, 2021

Price: TBC

Location: Bally's Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, USA

After last year's DEF CON 28 went online, the organizers of DEF CON 29 are looking forward to another in-person event in Las Vegas in 2021. Although there's no information yet about 2021's schedule or sessions, you can expect fun, focused training sessions, panels, and lectures that enhance your cybersecurity toolkit and teach you new techniques. 

Follow @defcon for updates. 

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16. WiCyS 2021

Date: September 8-10, 2021

Location: Denver, CO, USA

Price: $200-850

The annual Women in Cybersecurity, or WiCYs, conference is the world's premier event for women in cybersecurity to connect, learn from each other, and share their insights. WiCyS focuses strongly on engagement and connection, with plenty of networking and relationship-building opportunities. Plans are afoot for 2021's event to be even stronger and better than before, although this year's theme and agenda has yet to be announced. 

Follow @WiCySorg and #WiCyS2021 for updates.

17. Global Security Exchange (GSX)

Date: September 27–29, 2021

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Price: TBC

GSX is renowned for bringing together the global community of cybersecurity professionals to share their expertise, insights, and hard-won experience and raise the general level of cybersecurity knowledge. The schedule isn't yet available for GSX 2021, but based on previous years you can look forward to an exciting mix of casual activities, formal lectures, interactive panel discussions, hands-on sessions, and networking opportunities. 

18. 32nd ISF Annual World Congress

Date: October 23-26, 2021

Location: TBC

Price: TBC

The ISF is the international, non-profit organization for the world's leading business information security organizations, and the annual World Congress is its flagship event for cybersecurity professionals to share challenges, solutions, and insights into changing trends and risks in the world of information security. 

For updates and information, follow @SecurityForum

19. SecTor

Date: November 1-4, 2021

Loction: Toronto, Canada

Price: TBC

SecTor is Canada's primary conference in the realm of cybersecurity, information security, and cyber threat mitigation. IT security professionals from around the world gather to swap expertise around underground threats and business defenses and forge new and existing relationships. While 2021's schedule hasn't yet been announced, you can judge it by the high standard of 2020's event. 

Follow @sectorca and #sectorca for updates. 

20. Black Hat Europe 2021

November 8-11, 2021

Price: TBC

Location: TBC

Rounding out the year comes Europe's Black Hat conference. Like the US version, Black Hat Europe is a welcome opportunity for cybersecurity experts to practice black hat hacking in real-life scenarios, swap tips and tactics, and learn from each other's experiences. 

Follow @BlackHatEvents for updates and information. 

Online or offline, 2021 is a jam-packed conference year20

Although 2020 upset a lot of our conference plans, 2021 holds many opportunities to make new connections, strengthen existing relationships, learn new techniques, discover new tools, and enrich your cybersecurity awareness. 


Now you have your calendar packed to the brim with the best cybersecurity events, it's time to get your cybersecurity marketing up to scratch. Drop us a line for more information.

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