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Top 23 Cyber Security Resources to Keep You Up-To-Date in 2019

March 11, 2019

To help you stay ahead of the game, we’ve created our list of top cyber security resources you’ll want to check out in 2019 and outlined what each one offers. That way you’ll be able to get updates from the sites that are most interesting and relevant for you. These are not in order of preference!

1. Naked security by Sophosdownload

Twitter: @nakedsecurity 

Sophos are cyber security veterans, involved in the industry since 1985. Their blog keeps on top of the latest news in information security, looking at new threats and vectors. They have some great insights into privacy and surveillance as well. The Sophos blog covers areas as diverse as law, privacy, data loss, and government security. It’s a very interesting read, and one to keep you on top of what’s going on across the cyber threat landscape.
Post frequency: Daily

2. Infospectives by Sarah Clarkeinfospectives

Twitter: @TrialByTruth

This multi-award winning blog brings you up to date info not just on cyber security, but privacy and data protection as well. The blog takes a business perspective and runs posts on current issues such as GDPR and other regulations that hit close to home in the business world. Infospectives has two blog sections, one on business focused privacy and security, and another on a more personal security perspective.
Post frequency: Irregular, sometimes monthly

3. J4VV4D by Javvad Maliklogo_Javvad

Twitter: @J4vv4D

Javvad Malik, as well as being a security advocate for AlienVault, is a well-known cyber security evangelist and broadcaster across social media on security industry news. His blog is a mix of cyber security insights, threat analysis, and personal musings. Javvad also offers a video playlist with educational discussion on ransomware, encryption, and social engineering. The news section is a great way to stay on top of breaking cyber security news items.
Post frequency: Every few days

4. Krebs on SecurityKrebsOnSecurity-Logo

Twitter: @briankrebs

Brian Krebs’ blog on cyber security is famous for not just breaking the news, but making it too. Krebs’ is an award-winning investigative journalist, New York Times Bestselling Author, and a leading authority on cyber crime. With a monthly readership of over 1 million, he is often the first to break the news of major heists and data breaches like the recent ones at Adobe, Target and Neiman Marcus. This is definitely one to bookmark.
Post frequency: Every few days

5. Dark ReadingDarkreading2

Twitter: @DarkReading

Dark reading is a magazine style blog covering the whole gamut of cyber security. It is a feast for the information security specialist. It covers diverse topics, including, IoT, perimeter, breaches and analytics. It offers excellent advisory posts from security professionals that give you references to use in your own organization. The blog is literally awash with news items, opinions, and guides. It is worth signing up for the daily or weekly digests.
Post frequency: Often, several times a day

6. Schneier on Securityschneier logo

Twitter: @schneierblog

Bruce Schneier is the name behind a number of important books on cryptography and gives regular talks on security matters across the world. Bruce’s blog not only discusses topical news items, but gives great advice on all things security. He also offers views on the use of government surveillance and encryption. It is worth signing up to his Crypto-Gram newsletter for topical security related discussions and news.
Post frequency: Often daily, but sometimes less frequent


Twitter: @SCMagazine
SC Magazine is a long standing cyber security industry standard magazine, going back to the formative years of cyber security. The magazine breaks headline news and has a number of regular columns, including, product reviews and events. The section on Cyber crime has a wealth of information about all manner of hacks and threats. The posts cover in-depth analysis of the type of cyber attacks we are facing in modern cyber security. The news section has a dedicated area to the monthly focus of the magazine, for example, ‘Women in IT Security’.
Post frequency: Often, several times a day


8. IT Security GuruGURU-BYTES

Twitter: @IT_SecGuru

IT Security Guru is all about breaking news stories in the world of information security. The site is run by security experts and often features guest contributions from the IT security community. The Top Ten Stories section is one to watch to keep up to date with cyber security events.
Post frequency: Often, several times a day

9. Threat level by Wired.comwired

Twitter: @ThreatLevel

The Threat Level blog is brought to you by Wired.com, and provides breaking news in the fast-paced format that Wired is renowned for. There is  a mix of business news and threat analysis on a wide-array of cyber security issues.
Post frequency: Often, several times a day

10. Fifth Domain Cyberfifth-logo

Twitter: @theFifthDomain

Fifth Domain Cyber is another general cyber security news site with up to the minute blog posts on breaking cyber security incidents and related items. The blog has some wide ranging content and includes a section on career-related information for the industry professionals with education and training resources. Fifth Domain Cyber brings together info and news on government, civilian, private sector, and critical infrastructure security issues.
Post frequency: Often, several times a day

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11. The Cyber FeedArtboard 10-1

Twitter: @cyber_int

The Cyber Feed is a security blog by security specialists CyberInt. It covers a mix of news items on cyber security as well as great advisories on issues such as security awareness training and incident response how to’s. The blog is a great place to learn about the latest industry methodologies and approaches to security intelligence.
Post frequency: Once every few weeks

12. AquaSec Blogaqua_logo_fullcolor

Twitter: @AquaSecTeam

AquaSec’s blog is run by virtual container security specialists. Containers have seen a massive growth in in the past few years, with a Docker usage rising an astounding 40% each year. As more organisations move to virtualized container tech for application development, their security is an increasingly hot area, and AquaSec blog is the perfect place for updates in the field.
Post frequency: Once every few weeks

13. GartnerGartner official

Twitter: @Gartner_inc

Gartner analysts are a revered bunch, and for a good reason. Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company. When the annual reports such as Hype Cycle or Cool Vendor are released, everyone listens. In addition, Gartner Blog Network is an outlet for the analysts to express their personal opinions. While Gartner analysts have the freedom to blog about any topic, they mostly write about their respective areas of expertise. Influential security analysts such as Anton Chuvakin, Aviva Litan, Andrew White post regular updates on Gartner’s blog.
Post frequency: Once every few days

14. Vulcan CyberVulcan_logo

Twitter: @VulcanCyber

Founded in 2018, Vulcan Cyber is a relative newcomer to the cyber security scene, but they are clearly on the forefront of the fight against vulnerabilities in software stack and code. The company’s blog puts vulnerability issues under a microscope and dissects the most pressing concerns while separating fact from fiction. The blog is written by the company’s three founders: Yaniv Bar-Dayan, Roy Horev and Tal Morgenstern,, so you know you’re getting your info straight from the horse’s mouth.
Post Frequency: 2-4 times/month

15. Impervalogo (1)

Twitter: @Imperva

Imperva is a publicly-traded cyber security company based in California that provides protection to enterprise data and application software. Many of the company’s staffers contribute to the company’s blog, allowing for regular coverage of the industry. Posts contain a wealth of relevant graphics and charts that provide visual backup to the complex topics being covered. The blog is carefully organized and broken into six major categories: Application Delivery, Application Security, Data Security, DDoS Mitigation, Industry Perspective, and Research and Reports.
Post Frequency: Every few days

16. Recorded FutureRecorded_Future_Logo-rectangle1-768x224

Twitter: @RecordedFuture

The Recorded Future blog bills itself as “intelligence analysis, industry perspective, product updates, company news, and more.” In other words, this jack-of-all-cybersec-trades blog can provide your daily dose of industry news in one convenient place. What sets this blog apart is the way it covers all aspects of the industry and regularly includes posts provided by industry pioneers as well as case studies from around the world. In addition to its regular content, the next few months will also see the Recorded Future blog feature excerpts from the company’s new book, “The Treat Intelligence Handbook”, which can also be downloaded from the blog.
Post Frequency: Often daily, but sometimes less frequent

17. Tripwire State of SecurityAwesome-Tripwire-Logo-47-With-Additional-Create-A-Logo-Free-with-Tripwire-Logo

Twitter: @TripwireInc

There’s a reason why over 42k people follow Tripwire on Twitter; the company’s award winning blog reads like a cross between a newswire and a magazine, with a scrolling newsfeed, fascinating guest posts and witty articles and listicles that cheer up potentially dry subject matter. Blog contributors include Travis Smith, Principal Security Researcher at Tripwire, Lane Thames from the company’s Vulnerability and Exposure Research Team (VERT), and Graham Cluley, a security blogger, podcaster and speaker who was inducted into the InfoSecurity Europe Hall of Fame.
Post frequency: Several times a day

18.  IT SecurityITsecurity logo

Twitter: @kevtownsend

IT Security prides itself on being “an independent organization with no allegiance to any vendor, publisher, doctrine or dogma.” Known for its opinionated, entertaining, and sometimes controversial opinion pieces, the blog offers high-quality content that dives deep into timely issues including GDPR requirements, Google’s new ventures, and Microsoft updates.
Post frequency: Every few months

19. The Security Ledger640820763

Twitter: @securityledger

This combination of articles and podcasts is an essential resource for anyone interested in cyber security as it relates to the Internet of Things. The website was founded in 2012 by Paul Roberts, a veteran journalist who has covered cyber security for a range of award-winning publications including The Christian Science Monitor, CIO Magazine, Fortune Small Business, and The Economist Intelligence Unit. Roberts’s reporting background gives the website an easy readability that makes it easy to understand today’s most critical security issues.
Post frequency: Frequently, sometimes twice daily

20. Security Weeklywebbanner

Twitter: @securityweekly

The brainchild of Paul Asadoorian, an instructor at the SANS Institute and one of the world’s foremost cyber security experts, this website features regular podcasts and videos from Paul as well as other experts including Larry Pesce and Carlos Perez. The Security Weekly team interviews top names in the industry including Johannes Ullrich, founder of DShield, and David Hoelzer of Enclave Forensics, and Justin Morehouse, founder of GuidePoint Security. Other highlights include technical segments and the latest hacking news. As an added plus, Security Weekly’s podcast and video format is great for busy executives who want to listen on the go.
Post frequency: Weekly

21. Threatpostjscrambler-blog-top-10-podcasts-for-cyber-security-professionals-threatpost

Twitter: @threatpost

Threatpost is the self-described “first stop for fast-breaking security news, conversations and analysis from around the world.” An independent news site, Threatpost covers all aspects relating to cloud security, vulnerabilities, malware, and more. The website has over 166,000 twitter followers, a testament to its position as a leading news source for security pros.
Post frequency: Several times a day

22. ZDNet Zero Dayzdnet-logo

Twitter: @ZDNet

Under the watchful eye of Larry Dignan, a veteran reporter on the worlds of technology and finance, ZDNet has maintained its status as a behemoth in the cyber security industry. ZDNet provides the latest updates in software and hardware security research, computer attacks, vulnerabilities and more. It’s worth signing up to ZDNet’s geo-targeted newsletter for the latest updates and offers.
Post frequency: Several times a day

23 - Flashpointpartner-flashpoint-logo-1

Twitter: @FlashpointIntel

Flashpoint earned a spot on our radar not only because of its high-level coverage of cyber security issues, but because it manages to do so in over 20 languages. In addition, the Flashpoint team has extensive experience working with law enforcement and national defense agencies, and they use this knowledge to disperse information about global security concerns and extremist threats to keep the world a safer place.
Post frequency: Every few days


These cyber security resources cover just about everything you’ll need to know in 2019. Did we leave out one of your favorites? Let us know!

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