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Top 5 Video Marketing Tools That'll Get You Rolling

July 21, 2016

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It’s a common misconception that in the world of content marketing, videos are expensive, hard to produce and not a great return on investment  for the amount of effort they take. When you can write a blog post in an hour or two or aggregate user-generated content to fuel your content marketing efforts, you might be avoiding creating videos. Who has the time or money to make a marketing video when the written word does the job just as well?

Well, you should definitely be making the time. Video marketing is a strong visual format for communicating a message, engaging with customers and reaching new audiences. And if you still aren’t convinced, here are a few stats Hyperfine Media thought are very important, and we think are quite persuasive.

  • After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.
  • 50% of executives look for more information after seeing a product/ service in a video.
  • 96% of B2B organization use video in their marketing campaigns of which 73% report positive ROI.
  • 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in decision process.
  • 30% of all online activity is spent watching video.

There are numerous budget-friendly tools available that can simplify video marketing and help you make a campaign stand out with interactive, appealing and colorful videos. The following tools are from emerging companies who are disrupting the video marketing industry, making it more accessible to the average marketer and bring lively content to customers.

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1. Showbox

This platform allows brands to scale their video creation abilities using customized templates and  elements. The video savvys looking to scale, can collaborate with influencers and produce branded video content easily, while ensuring their brand has full control. Showbox offers options for backgrounds, graphics, transitions, on-screen text, stock footage and music ensuring that no two videos will be the same. Their support and studio-quality tools give your video a professional finish you wouldn’t be able to accomplish on your own, and the Showbox interface is easy to navigate and intuitive. You don’t even have to have original footage to get started, just original ideas.


2. Veed.io

Veed.io excels at simplicity, from the ease of uploading raw content, to the rapid addition of subtitles, it makes video production a pleasure. Whereas before you would have to transcribe a video, then add the subtitles manually and dream about a progress bar. Now it's easy, upload your video and veed.io will add subtitles for you. If any subtitles need editing, it's straightforward and simple to do. With just one click more you have a progress bar and your logo and voila your video is done. You can also adjust your video size easily, making posting on different channels easy.


3. Viewbix

Strictly tailored to making video ads, Viewbix can help a brand master a cross-channel integrated video ad. Viewbix adds calls-to-action and other marketing enhancements to your existing videos, taking them to the next level of customer engagement. The solution is also compatible with ad analytics tools so you can track the success of a Viewbix video against other advertising formats. Viewbix helps unveil important insights about videos and how and why customers are responding.


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4. VideoScribe

This is the number one platform for generating whiteboard animation videos. This format is ideal for companies with complex offerings or a lot to say. The VideoScribe interface walks users step-by-step through creating the video, no design or technical knowledge needed. The black-and-white visuals of these videos are 15% better at sticking with the customer longer. If you have camera-shy executives or no ideas for video footage, VideoScribe can turn an abstract thought into a friendly cartoon.


5. Wistia

Wistia is not only a video creation tool, but also hosts videos. Its hosting services are designed specifically for companies with marketing goals in mind. This helps prioritize lead generation, support marketing messaging and drive ROI. The platform also provides analytics and understands how important data is becoming to marketers trying to personalize content based on customer preferences and habits. In an environment where personalization is critical to marketing success, Wistia’s platform can help any brand perform.


When done correctly, videos stand a better chance of getting more views than any text article you may write and definitely worth the effort. To learn more about how video marketing can transform your business, contact our B2B marketing expert today.
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Amit Lavi

CEO and Co-founder of Marketing Envy - A B2B tech and startup focused marketing agency based in Tel Aviv. Mentor at Google Campus and Microsoft Accelerator. Facebook and Google Alumni. Part of Google Experts Network

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