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Top Cybersecurity Blogs You Should Follow... Religiously

June 20, 2016

Cybersecurity is such a rapidly changing industry, it’s hard to keep up. That’s why I rely on these sources for the best insights and most up-to-date information. Better yet, I know they won’t shroud their own products in shameless self-promotion. They take their craft, this industry and the art of information dissemination seriously.

The following 10 blogs are comprehensive, thoughtful and my go-to resources for monitoring this industry. Hopefully you’ll find them as useful in your cybersecurity work.

1. Krebs on Security

As a former security reporter, Brian Krebs writes with authority and personality. His blog covers the most recent developments in cybersecurity, approaching each topic with relevance. He is the first to report on breaches and actually answers questions and comments from readers. If you haven’t read up about the time when his home was swatted it’s about time to get acquainted. Scary stuff.

2. Dark Reading

One of the most popular blogs out there for cybersecurity, Dark Reading has come to be known as an industry standard in news and thought leadership. A combination of original reporting and guest contributions gives this content hub a variety of perspectives for professionals. Its many sections also narrow in on very specific topics for easy navigation and reading.

3. IBM Security Blog

This is a one-stop site for all the resources about the state of the cybersecurity industry. These reports, surveys, research and presentations serve as an excellent guide for ideas for your company and gives solid statistics. IBM is a leader for a reason, and its cybersecurity blog is no different. All content is gated, but staying in the loop with IBM is only an advantage.

4. Schneier on Security

Bruce Schneier’s resume is impressive enough to convince me to listen to his insight, but his straightforward blog hews to the facts and also helps me see the industry for what it is. His aggregation of important in-depth articles and news updates is a great resource when I want both details and smart conclusions. This guy takes no prisoners, so watch out. 

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5. SC Magazine

This news site has all the IT security content any professional would need to know. Its news is well reported; the product reviews are fair; and the blogs provide precise commentary on two important topics: threats and breaches. The site’s deep library of resources includes multi-media formats, so no matter how you want to get your information, you will not miss a single beat in the cybersecurity industry. I consider it the cybersecurity equivalent of People Magazine.

6. IT Security Guru

This site’s goal is to make cybersecurity news digestible. Only covering the day’s top stories and most viral news, IT Security Guru also functions as a community for like-minded professionals to share their thoughts. Taking stock of this site’s stories will show you which events are worth following and which stories are gaining traction in the tech space.

7. The Cyber Security Place

This site covers such a range of pertinent topics, you’ll never be asking for more. Its focus on threats to the cyber security environment and other important issues facing IT professionals creates a platform both informative and insightful. By following the biggest trends, the Cyber Security Place has the latest tabs on what is emerging and affecting IT departments everywhere.

8. Wired’s Threat Level

Wired is one of the more trailblazing technology publications around, and its cybersecurity blog adheres to the same rules. Its coverage often connects cybersecurity and current events with an edgy tone. Both business and consumer-oriented, Threat Level covers industry stories for worthwhile discussion, which can impart change and get professionals thinking.

9. Coronet

The company that coined the term “commjacking,” which is communication hijacking occurring on any wireless connected device, writes about interesting lesser-known stories that highlight how and when hacks have occurred. This can be scary stuff since we are all guilty of these WiFi behaviors on a day-to-day basis. The post “A Case Against City WiFi” is one example of the possibility of commjacking that makes me think about the effect technology is having on society and why it’s important to be vigilant of cybersecurity.

10. Aqua Security

This company’s blog covers all things Docker security and container technology. The company just rebranded themselves — from Scalock to Aqua – and are showing themselves to be the place to turn to for container news. Being one of the only players in container security makes them a leading source on the subject.


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