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Reddit, Quora & SlideShare: Repurposing Content the Right Way

December 28, 2016

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We all understand what an important part content plays in our marketing strategy. The problem is, you know, it’s time consuming. 

The average blog post is at least 500 words, and for most individuals, that means about two to three hours of work, if not more. Now, multiply that by a minimum of two blogs a week and your marketing team is spending almost a 1/4 of their time writing blog content. So, it needs to be worthwhile. One way to increase your content’s value is to repurpose it on different platforms.

Why Repurposing Is a Great Practice

Repurposing your blog content is one of the most effective marketing techniques that your team can implement for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, it gives you more “bang for your buck.” Writing a blog and publishing it on only one platform—your website—means that you’ll only receive the bare minimum benefit.

Instead, think of a blog like your smartphone. If you only use your smartphone to make phone calls, then you’re missing out on a myriad of other ways to communicate. You can communicate the same information in a different way through text message or FaceTime. The way you communicate doesn’t change the viability of the message, but let’s you express it in a different way.

It’s the same with your blog content, if you only use it on your website in blog form you’re missing out on the opportunity to communicate the same content within whitepapers, on Reddit, through powerpoint presentations, and more. 

Reach More Potential Customers

By posting and using the content of your blog in a unique and different way across multiple platforms, you reach a wider audience exactly where they spend the most time. Some potential customers might never make it to your blog; repurposing lets you bring the vital content of your blog to them whether through a SlideShare on LinkedIn or through a question and answer site such as Quora.

Get More Organic Search Engine Traffic

To rank better in SEO, your business and your core strengths should be mentioned across a variety of channels. By repurposing your content in different ways, you ensure that your business is mentioned on more than just your blog and you create backlinks that drive traffic toward your website, ultimately increasing your search engine traffic.

Use a range of channels

When you repurpose your content you don’t have to come up with new ideas in order to reach more people. Instead, you take the same idea and repackage it for different channels. For example, say you wrote a blog about “How to Find the Best Malware Software,” when you repurpose you can take pieces of the blog and repackage them for use on different platforms across the web, helping you to reach a wider audience with the same content.

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But, how should you repurpose your content?

It is not as simple as copy- pasting what you’ve already written and posting it elsewhere, plus Google penalizes that anyway. Google has even rendered article spinning more or less ineffective. What you do want is to take content and repackage it, so it will appear in a different format. You could create infographics, social media posts, ebooks and much more with the original blog as the guiding light.

There are countless opportunities for repurposing, we chose three often forgotten platforms: Quora, Reddit, and LinkedIn’s SlideShare that make repurposing easier.

On Quora

Quora is a question and answer platform that has only gained in popularity since its debut in 2010. It welcomes over 1.4 million daily visitors and receives up to 3.4 million pageviews a day, making it an excellent website for repurposing content. There are two main ways you can use your blog content on Quora.

First, you can find posted questions that your blog could answer. For example, if you have a blog about advertising on Facebook, perform a search on Quora for questions such as, “How much money should I spend on Facebook? What are the best practices for Facebook advertising? What size image is appropriate for a Facebook ad?” Then, once you find posts that ask the questions, post your answer with links back to your blog and website.

You can also ask questions yourself, and then answer them. Quora supports the practice of adding questions that you already know the answer to. “Think about Quora as an accumulating database of knowledge. It’s good to ask and respond to questions you know the answer to, because once you put your knowledge into the system, other people can draw from it,” explained Quora.

For example, let’s say you have a blog titled, “5 Ways the Cloud Protects Your Data.” On Quora, you could look for questions about cloud computing and use your whitepaper to provide an in-depth answer. Or you could create a new question asking, “What’s the best way to protect your startup’s data when you have a small budget?” and then answer your own question using your whitepaper as a reference.

On Reddit

Reddit is a social news aggregation website. It’s a place for people to gather and have discussions about anything and everything under the sun. However, unlike Quora, it’s a little more limited. Reddit places emphasis on value and punishes users who feel “spammy.”

For this reason, reposting your blogs on Reddit should be done carefully and in three ways:

Post your blog as a link post, making sure that the title is interesting, and the post is in the correct subreddit. Examples of well-written titles include “Why Isn’t My Website Working? Page Speed Insights” and “Writing for Tech Blogs: A How To List”.” As for subreddits, there are hundreds. Choose subjects that have active participants and fit your topic.

Add your blog or parts of your blog as text posts. Link posts can receive fewer views and comments than text posts. Instead, choose the most interesting or controversial pieces of your blog to use as text posts and start a discussion.

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Use your blogs as a source for comments. You don’t have to be the one to start the conversation on Reddit. You can be the one to continue it by using pieces of your blog to answer questions and develop your brand as a thought leader.

On LinkedIn SlideShare

Finally, educational blogs can be made infinitely useful by being repurposed as a presentation on LinkedIn’s SlideShare. SlideShare makes it easy to discover, create, and share interesting content with LinkedIn’s over 450 million members. You can transform your blog into an online presentation, an infographic, a document, and more. Even better, with SlideShare you can use as little or as much of your blog as you want. You can focus on a particular section of your content or repurpose the entire piece.

What’s great about using SlideShare is that you can later use the same presentations and infographics in person at a networking event or even post them separately on your website. By making your blog content look and feel different, you can use it in infinitely more creative ways.

For example, you could take a blog about cybersecurity and transform it into a deck that discusses the different threats businesses face and how your software can mitigate the risks. Or you could turn it into a simple infographic that uses key statistics from the blog to emphasise the importance of security. Both are possible using LinkedIn SlideShare.

Check out this resource by siteoscope for more repurposing ideas! 

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