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We Have Marketing Envy For…

June 17, 2019

Our business goal is to create such spectacular marketing results for our clients that their competitors are left green with envy. But, there’s (almost) nothing I love more than getting impressed and inspired by the marketing efforts of other companies. Sometimes, I’m even a little envious.

Here are six incredible companies that give me marketing envy.

1) We have marketing envy for… MailChimp

Since its establishment in 2001, MailChimp has evolved from a side email marketing business to a full marketing automation platform. Its ease of use and welcoming brand messaging and creatives make it one of the most-used marketing automation tools in the world.

MailChimp’s quirky ‘Did you mean MailChimp?’ campaign and colorful Instagram page prove that B2B companies can still be fun. And who does not resonate with that stressed monkey finger above the ‘mass send’ button? MailChimp really gets how nervous senders get before they hit the send button.

Image result for mailchimp prepare for launch gif


2. We have marketing envy for… Sisense

Sisense’s website and brand design are impeccable. The prominent yellow branding makes them stand out in a crowded business analytics market and it showcases their sense of fun. Their blog explains complicated business analytics concepts in an accessible way and they have plenty of advocates amplifying their message on social media. They keep things as light as a B2B company can with a clean and aesthetic website design, clear messaging, and a modern, edgy style. It’s all you could want for a BI platform.

Sisense has an impressive success story. In under ten years, it has grown to be a market leader, with 700+ employees and over 2,000 customers worldwide. In the last two years alone, Sisense has won awards and accolades from Gartner, Forbes, Dresner, and more. More than 5.5K people follow Sisense for posts about data analysis insights, and they have more than $200 million in funding from the same investors who backed LinkedIn, Tesla, and Twitter.


3) We have marketing envy for… LinkedIn

Every professional uses LinkedIn to expand their personal network, and B2B companies use it for lead generation and marketing campaigns. I’ve got marketing envy for LinkedIn because its campaigns are always on point, and let’s face it, none of us can live without it. In addition, LinkedIn keeps adding useful tools and resources and has an awesome marketing blog, too.

Source - DIY: How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing

Here are some of the LinkedIn tools and campaigns that fill me with envy - and delight:

  • The Find Nearby feature to locate LinkedIn contacts when you’re at events
  • Sponsored InMail that lets businesses send message ads to leads
  • LinkedInLive (coming soon) to share live video in real time


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4) We have marketing envy for… Vulcan Cyber

Check out their new website. Warm smiles guaranteed… and that’s one huge facet of marketing, making an excellent impression on those who interact with you. Vulcan Cyber is a rare cyber security company that has mastered the art of keeping on message and producing SEO-driven content. Marketing was part of their DNA from day 1, even before the product was launched. Content, content, and more content to build their organic base was a key strategy. It can be difficult for a cyber security company to keep its content targeted and relevant while also making it engaging and attractive, but the Vulcan blog excels at doing that.


vulcan cyber blog 2019

It makes me happy to see B2B companies investing in content-driven lead generation and PPC marketing campaigns, instead of relying on just one channel. Vulcan hits that goal every time!


5) We have marketing envy for… CyberInt  

Marketing is never easy for cyber security companies. Depending on whose stats you believe,  there are over 1,500 of them competing for the same customers. CyberInt has an enviable portfolio of customers like ASOS, Amdocs, New Look, and Playtika, but it still faced real marketing challenges.

cyberint holidays campaign 2018

CyberInt successful holiday season campaign in 2018

CyberInt takes a multichannel approach to its marketing efforts and focuses messaging on its target audience in order to get ahead in a saturated market. One example is their highly focused and super successful holiday season campaign in 2018. Aimed at big retailers, CyberInt prepared a tight set of content assets and nurtured a highly strategic promotion campaign that coordinated social media and email marketing, dedicated landing pages, and tailored popups and workflows. Their hard work paid off big time.


6) We have marketing envy for… PlainID

PlainID is another B2B company that’s doing marketing right. With a recently launched new website showcasing a fresh, tech design, PlainID is not afraid to take an honest look at its marketing and search for ways to do it better, and I always honor that approach.

plainid new website authorization

ebook online banking

It started small, with a focus on content and social media and putting effort into getting its message across. Gradually, PlainID dialed-up its marketing efforts by adding more content and integrating PPC campaigns. It’s not easy, because IAM isn’t a simple topic to communicate, but PlainID is relentless in its investment in content, keeping messaging on target, and focusing on the end user. Most importantly, PlainID prioritizes hiring the right talent. It filled four of its senior management roles with industry veterans who brought 70 years of combined experience.

We’re Proud to Have Marketing Envy

I could go on but these are my top picks. Whose marketing do you admire and why?

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Sharon Enkaoua

Sharon is an Inbound Marketing Manager at Marketing Envy. Marketing, yoga and cats are her pet loves, soon to be competing with a fetish for HubSpot certifications.

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