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What Happens if I Don't Have a Marketing Foundation?

June 14, 2016

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We should probably write our favorite marketing FAQs (next blog perhaps?), but for now, the second most popular question after, “What should we be doing to achieve… (fill in as you please)”, is: Well what happens if I don’t do or stop investing in content & social, PPC, lead nurturing, PR company…. You name it. So here goes.

We recently shared the secret to our success: a “blueprint” that outlines how Marketing Envy markets. It’s not a complicated blueprint; we rely on a strong foundation of messaging and three supporting operational pillars to articulate who our clients are so we can acquire the leads that will make them money. Without them, it would not be  possible to effectively serve our clients.

1. Any Marketing without Messaging

Tight, consistent messaging should be  the foundation of any marketing work. Prospective customers won’t know they need the best product ever if you don’t directly tell them it’s the best and why it is the best. Inconsistent, all-over-the-map messaging confuses them.

If you can’t devise one clear message for a client, your marketing efforts will be difficult each and every time you run a campaign. New products, executives invited to speak at prestigious conferences, investor updates – few will care if they didn’t have a reason to care in the first place. And they can’t care if they don’t have a defining message in their minds.

How many times have you read company websites, tried your best to understand what it is that the company/product/service does…..and failed miserably to figure out? Or you understood that company/product/service was something completely different to what it is.  This is wasted lead 101!

Now think of paid leads reaching that web site or landing page with foggy messaging -- that is a wasted lead that actually cost money just for clicking. As a marketer, this is the equivalent of money down the drain.

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2. Infrequent content and social media activity

A steady drumbeat of relevant, well-written content and engaging social media activity increases brand awareness and generates organic leads. But if you skip a few beats and take a break from regularly scheduled blog posts, whitepapers and social media activities, you’ll need to rely on more expensive marketing opportunities. PR efforts and sponsoring events will attract attention, but they’re infrequent, cost more than content creation and simply aren’t go-to resources for prospective customers who want to learn more about your client on their own schedules.

Within no time (and I mean a couple of weeks max’), you will also see a downturn in visits to your web site and far poorer SEO ranking, both of which will affect your organic leads. So get ready to spend even more money to generate through paid campaigns, the leads you have been receiving through organic.  

3. Don’t believe Paid Campaigns will generate leads?

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and Google AdWords not your thing? Well, other lead generation efforts will have to be your thing. Without a well-run PPC campaign – which provides data-rich, targeted insight on prospective customers and leads – you’ll instead have to rely on leads provided through more expensive and less scalable activities - telesales, event sponsorship, PR, direct approach by your sales team etc.

With very very few exceptions, paid campaigns work. If they are not working for you, change strategy or the person/team working on them. Their failure may well be the problem with rule number one (above): Getting the messaging right.

4. Chaos without Marketing Automation

Every business can get by on an Excel spreadsheet for a little while, but it won’t be long before your work gets chaotic. Once you hit the 20-30 leads per month, you’ll have trouble tracking who’s a hot lead and will totally lose sight of those who can be nurtured into one. You’ll lose leads and money, and have no idea where to look next and what strategy should be followed.

On top of orchestrating for you where you should be placing your efforts, marketing automation simply tells you where your leads came from in the first place so that you can spend more time and money on those activities.

Ending a Negative on a Positive

All companies have limited resources, which is why understanding what each activity and investment gives back ie ROI, is so critical. As marketers and humans, we can’t do it all and not all activities prove worthwhile to each company, so go out and test.

We have found repeatedly that run well, the four pillars of messaging, content & social media, PPC and marketing automation are the golden package to derive the most value for tech companies with budgets large and small.  Would love to hear what works for you!

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Billy Cina

I've been around the B2B tech and start up marketing scene long enough to claim veteran status. Nostalgia aside, I've become pretty good at what I do, which is why in 2014 I Co-founded Israel's leading tech marketing agency, Marketing Envy.

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