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Why I’m Fed up with the Whole ‘Women in Tech’ Rant

March 7, 2017

Reading time: 3 mins

This is the ninth article in the series, Tales From a Startup Marketer, by Billy Cina, featured in CIO Magazine.

Harassment, unequal pay and alienating work environments are just some of the accusations hurled by many women in tech toward their male counterparts. While there is no doubt about those claims, and plenty of evidence to support them, this is a convenient and rather narrow-sighted view. What about what fellow women subject each other to in the workplace? From my experience, they are equally destructive.

About the Author

Billy Cina

I've been around the B2B tech and start up marketing scene long enough to claim veteran status. Nostalgia aside, I've become pretty good at what I do, which is why in 2014 I Co-founded Israel's leading tech marketing agency, Marketing Envy.

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