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Why We Love BrightTalk Webinars-2-1-1

Why We Love BrightTalk Webinars

November 18, 2019

Webinars are among the most effective marketing tools around for B2B but that doesn’t mean that they are easy to plan, set up or execute. There are dozens of different webinar platforms, and it can be tricky for marketers to decide which one is best for their needs.

All too often, people use the same technology for webinars as they do for their in-company video conferencing, assuming that all video sharing or simple conferencing platforms are the same. It’s true that you can deliver a webinar via any simple platform, but doing so would be like delivering a webinar with both hands tied behind your back. It’s doable, but it’s not ideal. And why would you settle for something less than ideal for your webinars? 

We’ve done our research and have selected BrightTalk, thanks to the many outstanding features that set it apart from other video sharing platforms. Read on to find out why.


BrightTalk Has the Best Integration with HubSpot

A successful webinar can never stand alone. You need to be able to connect your webinar with the rest of your marketing campaign in order to drive leads through your marketing funnel. A webinar platform that integrates with your CRM means that you can gather deeper, more granular information about the attendees. Information is power, especially when it comes to marketing. Better insight into the interests, demographics, and concerns of your audience enables you to fine-tune the rest of your marketing tactics.

BrightTalk syncs seamlessly with HubSpot to share lead details captured through the platform, so that you can track your leads from the webinar until they convert.

What’s more, you can use BrightTalk together with HubSpot to effortlessly follow the movements of every lead to discover what is needed to help them convert.  BrightTalk enables you to create lead scoring sheets and workflows based on each lead’s attendance, participation, and interaction with your webinar (for example, whether they watched live or on demand, whether they completed the webinar, and more). 


BrightTalk is Like YouTube for IT Professionals

One of the many features that sets BrightTalk apart is the fact that it’s more than just a hosting site for webinar recordings. BrightTalk is like YouTube for IT professionals, who come to BrightTalk regularly to discover new webinars for professional development. 

The 2019 benchmark report noted 3,000 channels, 708,000 downloads, and 4 million viewers who watched 2 million hours of content. Almost half of BrightTalk users engage with the platform once a week, and another 31% do so every month, while 78% of visitors watch an average of more than one hour of content per week on BrightTalk. This makes BrightTalk a valuable channel for harvesting new organic leads long after your live webinar ends. We received tons of leads months after we had forgotten about the webinar.

Additionally, BrightTalk is where your buyer decision-makers spend their time. One-third of the audience on BrightTalk are directors, vice presidents, or members of the C-suite in their company, and another 39% are managers. Over one-third of BrightTalk’s users work in companies with over 100 employees, and another 31% work at companies with more than 5,000 employees. 

BrightTalk Webinar also helps you to participate in top industry events through the BrightTalk Summits feature. Your company experts can join in panel discussions and thought leadership interviews at influential events that are filmed or broadcast by BrightTalk, making your branding and thought messaging more visible to the 7 million strong BrightTalk professional community. 


A Range of Price Points

The bottom line always matters, and fortunately BrightTalk has something for every budget. Packages begin at $500 per month, but you’ll need to get in touch with BrightTalk for a final quote for any of their packages. There’s also a free trial offer so you can test the platform before you commit.


Additional packages include: 

  • BrightTalk Studios package, providing guidance from storytelling experts, end-to-end video services on location, and help with campaign strategy, concept ideation, and creative development. 
  • Managed webinar services, taking care of every detail involved in broadcasting a successful live experience. 

The ROI is huge: it’s not unusual for a $7,000 webinar package to generate over 200 solid leads and 90 attendees! 

An Excellent Support Team (no, seriously)

The BrightTalk team and support staff make it into something more than just a hosting service. BrightTalk is a lead generation machine thanks to the dedicated account managers, live customer support agents, and the plethora of resources to help you to make the most of your webinars. The company is on a growth mission on steroids and are taking the user satisfaction factor very seriously. They really want marketers to succeed with their platform, and it shows.

BrightTalk’s blog is full of tips, tricks, tools, and tactics for you to use to ensure that you maximize signups before, during, and after your webinar. Depending on your package, you can access customized expert storytelling guidance, creative development assistance, and more.

Check out our blog on video editing tools for post webinar footage editing recomendations.

For B2B Webinars, it Has to be BrightTalk

For B2B tech companies, webinars can be a powerful marketing tool when you use them correctly. As with every other online or offline event, your success will only be as fruitful as the planning, execution and post event activities. The good news is that with BrightTalk, you’ll have to work pretty hard NOT to get it right!


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